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Who has been busy? Judith has.

The weather has been fairly interesting over the past few weeks and over the Xmas/New Year holidays in particular.  When that’s the case someone has to stand up in front of the cameras and tell us about what is to come hopefully with something approaching some sort of accuracy.

In Scotland we have just the person. Judith Ralston. Her job is indeed to provide an idea of how the weather may behave over a 2-3 day period and of course to highlight unpleasant weather which may be a bit testing.

Judith wasn’t always a weather presenter; she was originally a singer (maybe a singer in a rock and roll band) who trod the boards around Scotland. She admitted as much just the other day when a news item covered the temporary closure of a theatre in Perth. She had at one time or another sang there although it was apparently a different life away.

I’ve written hundreds of blogs and I’ve been lucky enough to attract thousands of visitors. The most popular blogs on my site are the Judith Ralston Blogs. There is rarely a day goes by that someone or someones haven’t looked at one of the Judith Ralston’s blogs.

Things have changed for Judith. She’s now had twins and she’s also lost a bit of weight and her wardrobe has perhaps altered a bit also. She used to be known to some “wags” as Miss Whiplash! Goodness…

When she is the chosen one for doing the weather she can be a vision in blue, red, black, black and white although not all at the same time thank goodness. Her shoes can sometimes be making a point. They are flamboyant.

Her shoes state that she is not just a weather presenter. They shout that there is more to Judith than just the weather. They hint that there is more. Sophistication. Fun. Daring.

Perhaps BBC Scotland should make a few suggestions for Judith to consider? Perhaps they might suggest that as the weather she is informing the audience about gets wilder perhaps her hairstyle should reflect this and become increasingly wild!

Perhaps they should also suggest that as the temperature rises so do the height of her heels? Perhaps if there are a number of weather warnings she should appear more severe and strict teacher looking? Just so we pay attention of course.

I could go on but I shan’t.

For the weather in Scotland there is no alternative to Judith.


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Weather without you JR?

How can I say this in a delicate manner? Here goes…

Ladies, if you are having problems with conception why not apply to BBC Scotland as a weather presenter? One lady, from the two who started recently is now “expecting” and recent history shows three more babies of which one lady went on “to be with child“ twice.

Judith Ralston has been blossoming. No more “expecting” but lots of new outfits and, and, and… she was let out side this week!

The rugby sevens were on in Melrose. Lots of posh boy, swarthy rugby players with six packs and thundering thighs. I’m sure none of that would have been of any interest to Judith. She is only interested in her viewing public.

Recently she has been a vision in white, black, green and more. She even wore trousers the other evening although she maintained footwear designed to appeal to fellows who take a particular message from such items.

Now that JR has been out and about she may well be given a summer brief to travel the length and breadth of this fine country of ours. She could present the weather from a differing location every evening, sharing her talents countrywide.

Perhaps she could be given an opportunity to add a bit of local colour to the weather? Telling us of the benefits of visiting the place she is at as it were and how the local area weather manifests itself.

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Judith Ralston slipped apparently…

The TV weather forecast on BBC Scotland is delivered, on occasions, by none other than Judith Ralston or Miss Whiplash as her fans call her, or just plain old JR.  A couple of weeks ago when it was much colder and a bit icy Judith regaled us all with a tale that she “had herself, slipped in an unlady like manner earlier that day”. (I suggest a good old Scottish dialect  version is a tad more colourful – “Judith skited oan the pavemint”.

Anyone manage to video that? I’d suggest if they did, get it on You Tube and you’ll beat the number of views managed by that white suited singing chap from the far east very, very, very significantly.

However, the other night poor JR had a coughing fit during her weather forecast. Not to worry though because she had a way of managing the situation. She spoke at 200 words per second. I’d no idea what the weather was going to do, not that that matters of course.

Anyone manage to video that? I’d suggest if they did, get it on You Tube and you’ll beat the number of views managed by that white suited chap from the far east very, very, very significantly.

She handed back to the wooden top male anchor we sometime get on the BBC Scotland news of an evening. “What a trouper” he said and no doubt he was fed the comment via his earpiece. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and his mother loves him but he’ll never make a TV news presenter if he does the job every night for one hundred years. That won’t stop the BBC putting him in front of camera though.


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JR is back… okay she has been for a while.

The weather has been interesting. Rain, rain and more rain. It wouldn’t be Scotland if it didn’t rain but there are limits and they were passed quite some time ago. It makes predicting the weather a bit of a test though just ask the BBC Scotland weather team.

But is all well with the team? The big question is where is “thon wee Cubie lassie”? Did she actually run away to the circus? Is she, at this very moment, donning a spangled costume before climbing up a rope and swinging about fairly high up in very large tent which smells continuously of wet grass? Is that more exciting than predicting the weather 0n TV? Sadly, she’s actually presenting on Landward, which is the Scottish version of Countryfile that is all about coos and plants and stuff so no need for spangled outfits mind you…

JR is back doing the weather. Whilst Judith is back there is less of her than before. Is this a good thing? Her frocks are more sensible although she is still rebellious with her shoes. One of the other weather ladies Gillian Smart, who went off to have a baby at the same time as Judith is showing signs of needing to take time off again for the same reason. Goodness.

Anyway JR seems to be on mostly during the day and only rarely on at peak times. The weather has been going down hill in more ways than one. JRs main job was to distract, mainly chaps but not exclusively chaps, from the weather forecast, which is always secondary anyway

The main forecasting roll has been taken over by Mr Chris Blanchett who is well turned out and is probably a nice boy. He has a bit of banter with the news anchor person but, well, he isn’t JR.

The effect of the continuing absence of JR on our screens could have a major effect on the morale of the Scottish population or at least a fairly significant part. This then is serious.  This could threaten the very fabric of the Scottish nation. Independence potentially looming and possible pro voters completely distracted, seriously worried about the weather which they now know all about and wondering if they could alter their working hours so they could be around more during the day.

The loss of Gillian Smart may provide a chance of change once again. Whilst it may be the case that JR has requested that she work earlier so she can get home at a reasonable time to see her barns in the bath and off to bed. I know that’s a ridiculous suggestion. She would never, never, never turn her back on her fans. No rude comments from anyone reading this. You are a bad man if you do!

Perhaps “thon wee Cubie lassie” might make a reappearance? I know it won’t be the same as JR but it would be a start.

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Snow shovels and au couture.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Snow apparently, although we haven’t see any in Edinburgh just yet. After the snow last winter, we thought it might be sensible to buy a snow shovel. Snow shovels have become the very latest must have. You may have partaken of one for yourself? Ours is red with a very clean looking pine handle and a metal strip along the leading edge where it may well hit the pavement or drive etc.

Whilst we are now in February there is still plenty of time for snow to make an entrance although a less dramatic entrance than the one we had in November/December 2010 would be good. Scottish Granny used to say “as the days lighten, the cold strengthens.” Seems like never a truer word was said.

The snow shovel has to be used otherwise I’ll turn slip into mean git mode. I paid for it so it’s getting used! In previous years I’ve used a big square bit of plywood with a length of 2” x 2” wooden attached to it for a long handle. Artistic and stylish it wasn’t but it did the job, The edge that came into contact with the pavements got a bit frayed but that was just a part of the character of it. This solution nowadays however, may be somewhat uncouth. Hence new spanking, shiny snow shovel this year although I have a proper well worn ancient shovel for those difficult icy bits where people have walked on when the snow was wet.

The weather, the Scottish Weather. Hmmm. Last week in London it was as cold as I’ve ever felt it down there, lots of complaints about the cold. In the office I was working in the ladies all had hot water bottles, which they carried about with them, that’s how cold they felt it was. Of course they are lacking our special connection to the weather. Our secret weapons.

After the Scottish News we have the Scottish Weather. If we’ve been really good and behaved ourselves during the previous few days and had no bad reports from Scottish Granny we may expect Judith Ralston or thon wee (Kat) Cubie lassie to tell us what the weather will be like in the next few hours and days. (Search Google for either ladies if you are not already familiar with them).

They are our secret weapons. How so you ask. Well basically we don’t take much in. We are considering what they are wearing and watching their extravagant gestures and button pressing. Their wardrobe has changed of late. It looks like they’ve been spoken to, “encouraged” to procure their weather presenting outfits from an outlet which provides “au couture” garments. These garments are solid in colour and generous in fit although thon wee Cubie lassie managed to get hers a bit more fitting.

By the time we’ve taken all this in they’ve imparted their weather prediction/forecast. We never know what the weather will be like unless it’s one of their shiny ill-fitting suit wearing male chums who drearily drone their way through the forecast. Yawn.

Ignorance is bliss.

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Doom and Gloom

This jollyly titled article was originally written for the Subrosa Blondes Blog and is reproduced here with permissions. You might want to add Subrosa to your blog list and visit her often. The blog covers a lot of topics and is very accessible.

This article refers to the BBC News on Monday 16th or Tuesday 17th Jan 2012.

Well that’s it then. Another BBC News at 6:00 and then BBC Scotland News. What fun.

Inflation is down. The comments were directed at it still being too high and the historical editorial was that interest rates should be put up. No sign of any cheer then, that inflation was going down. Not a glimmer. Good news? Not for the BBC apparently.

Then there was that happy soul and interesting character Ed Moribund. Ed thinks it’s a good idea that public sector pay rises are kept at 1%. His pals in the unions think this is an appalling idea. They would though because that’s their job. Ed reckons that a 1% increase means more people will be kept in work. He may well have a point, however; his party have spent the last few months rubbishing even the notion of a 1% pay restriction. Now he is agreeing with Call me Dave and Boy George Osborne. He’s also agreed with them about the union and they will jointly oppose the SNP notion that Scotland should leave the UK. That’s a lot of agreement between the government and the opposition. Not much cheer in this article on the BBC news either.

Oh well maybe the Scottish News will be chock-a-block with chuckles? Then again, perhaps not. Highland Council voted to oppose a wind farm in the Cairngorms. This isn’t good apparently. No real mention of how 31 wind turbines 360 feet high might be detrimental to the environment. Unsightly? Damaging to birds? Expensive to erect and run and producing the most expensive electricity possible.

The very next item , and this is hard to believe, covered Big Power Week. We have the power? No, but we have incredibly expensive electricity and gas. Big Power Week is being carried out by the Citizens Advise Bureau. They have advisors all over Scotland this week providing advice to the public so they can reduce their gas and electricity bills. Good idea.

There’s one bit of advice they could provide to people, well certain people who work in government like a Mr A Salmond, a Mr D Cameron, a Mr C Huhne and a Ms C Lucas amongst others. Remove the renewables levy from electricity bills saving everyone 20% on their bills immediately. That would ease household budgets and reduce inflation.

At least the Scottish News has a saving grace the weather ladies. Thon wee Cubie lassie and Judith Ralston do a good job of presenting the weather news.

Which brings me to my final gripe. Who trains the BBC presenters in hand waving? Do they go to classes and learn how to develop waving and personalise the waving, gesturing and general wafting to match their personality. Just give us the news wave free please and try to keep it within balanced bounds. I know that is a big ask but we can only try eh?


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It’s news to me.

The early evening news is where I tend to get my news, well apart from visiting my favourite blogs combined with a bit of Google drift anyway. Six o’clock is the time I sit down and listen to the BBC. Why the BBC? Habit I suppose and the enjoyment of the incredulousness I feel at some of the articles they feature and some of the propaganda they push.

Following the BBC News from London we have the local Scottish News which is usually fronted by Jackie Bird who is professional and does a good job. The sports chap is okay and has a sense of humour and the weather ladies… well I’ve may have commented on their appropriateness in some detail before.

It’s the people who are out and about that are… well I’m not sure what the word is really. Interesting? First of all they get sent to places and you wonder why. Standing outside a court building in the rain, standing opposite a building where something has happened or standing somewhere with a few young chaps in shot who are showboating their obvious talents and humour. The standard of reporting isn’t great and sometimes the dress sense gets in the way. You have to conclude that some of them should, perhaps, not be doing this sort of work or at least not in front of the camera.

There’s a nice chap who is very uncomfortable with this hand waving style the BBC seems so in love with. He looks very uncomfortable and manages to make the hand-waving look like stylised Wooden Tops. His Mother loves him and he’s probably a really nice and talented journalist but a presenter he isn’t

There’s the guy who is sometimes the anchor back in the studio. He sounds mechanical. Again I’m sure his Mother loves him and he may have a girlie who has him on a pedestal and likens him to Walter Cronkite. But… well… he just isn’t. He’s improved certainly but he still sounds like he’s reading it. Which he is. But Jackie doesn’t sound like that.

To be fair to everyone involved the material they are asked to cover doesn’t help. Court cases are dull. Do we really need to hear about it line by line? There used to be magazines and papers, which devoted acres of space to that sort of thing for those that were interested.

We always have a “the Scots are the worst in the world at… eating rubbish, drinking too much mans beer, consuming copious amounts of hard drugs, dying younger than anyone else on the planet, We also have a fluffy wee animal story … oh here’s an Eagle which can’t fly. Then we have the global warming guff, sectarianism and the “we’re going to be the first country in the world to adopt… add a really silly, pointless attention seeking bit of nonsense here. There may also be a talking head from the Polis, Fire Brigade or a health expert ranting about something we are rubbish at too.

Sport is Andy Murray either winning and sort of but not quite smiling or being beaten and being very, very grumpy (but not as grumpy as his Mum who is grumpier than a very funny thing. Then it’s the national football team getting gubbed by a country with a population of 50, a football team sacking their manager for the third time this season, or having so much debt the IMF wouldn’t even consider them for a loan or getting gubbed by a European team no one has ever heard of and who took up football playing three months ago.

We can do better than this. First of all get the BBC and STV to have plush Edinburgh studios, which reflect the capital city’s status. Staff the news teams with good presenters and have them report on important topics, drop the gossip to a Scottish version of the One Show maybe called the Yin or the Wan Show.

Make the news dynamic. Don’t repeat news we’ve just heard on the national news.  Maybe they should just ditch the national news altogether and let us have Scottish News which covers global stories. But please not those that cover a disaster in a foreign country which someone in Scotland’s next door neighbours, cousins pal in the pub knows someone who stays twenty miles away from where it happened and they’re on a dodgy phone line to tell us about what it may well be like.

Let’s have some quality.

However, on no account should the weather ladies be changed. Oh no. We’ve got Judith  (Miss Whiplash) and “thon wee Cubie lassie” at the moment and they are spot on. There may be room to add a couple more nice ladies who would allow the ill-fitting shiny suited chaps to seek more gainful employment as… well who cares really.

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A huge improvement in the weather

just a short blog to report on the weather. It’s a bit of an update on the article I did earlier this week.

Tonight, on the BBC Scotland news there was the normal weather update. I can’t actually remember what was said. I’m sure there was something about clouds, dropping temperatures ad rain I’m sure. Beyond that no idea. Why?

Fanfare required. Judith Ralston was back on screen! The twin bairns must be of an age at which she is comfortable to leave them with someone else, either that or she has energy bills and mortgage payments to meet like the rest of us.

Judith was a vision in purple.

All you need to know is Miss Whiplash is back! I’ll keep you posted on any further appearances I may catch.

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Weather blether.

As I write this there’s a howling gale blowing outside although it’s not raining. This may well change however, before I get to the end of this short blog post (it actually did rain).

It wasn’t an ideal summer. A bit wet although it did manage to be sunny for maybe two to three weeks. We shouldn’t complain then. As I’ve previously mentioned the weather in Scotland takes up a lot of time since we have to moan a lot about it. Seems fair really, unless it raining obviously.

Part of the time we spend considering the weather at Chez Tedious Tantrums, is taken up by looking at forecasts. We have a weather station thing, which has a wee box we put in the covered side bit of the house. It sends a signal to the display unit and tells us the temperature and pressure. It has a wee frog thing that changes from being happy to sad depending on what’s happening pressure wise. That’s not enough though. We also check IPhone weather apps, Twitter feeds and websites all in an effort to do stuff appropriate for the prevailing weather. Mrs TT and I aren’t obsessed with the weather, honest.

We also watch the various weather forecasts on TV at news times. Things have gone a bit strange with these however. That very enthusiastic chap on the BBC in London hasn’t been on for ages. He was good because even if he ways saying it was going to be a couple of feet of snow tomorrow you felt better about it because he did it with such enthusiasm and panache.

On the BBC weather bit we have Stav and Chris. Nice enough chaps I’m sure but we’ve become accustomed to better here in Scotland. The loss of Judith Ralston, Gail McGrane and Gillian Smart, who all went on maternity leave at the same time, is still felt heavily (pretty poor excuse from them to stop doing the weather though). People tended to take more interest in the weather when Judith came on although they seemed to remember less once she had finished the update.

We also have “thon wee Cubie lassie” or Cat Cubie as her parents named her rather less accurately. During the Edinburgh Festival “thon wee Cubie lassie” ran away to the circus. I know! It shocked me I can tell you. Go on the telly and talk about the weather or get changed into a spangled sort of one piece sort of thingy and dangle from swings and ropes high up in a tent full of foreigners. Tricky choice really. She’s not on as often now. She probably has had hundreds of offers from circuses all around the world to dangle from swings and ropes high up in tents in more exotic locations than Edinburgh. Is there a more exotic location than Edinburgh?

The wonder is that our new, still shiny and giggly government hasn’t addressed the issue. Scotland’s weather deserves a firm hand, which is why Judith was so, spot on. I’m sure the Scottish Government will debate this very soon. Perhaps they could issue a request for potential weather ladies to make themselves known. Candidates should be like Judith but not too much like Judith (as there can be only one Judith). Perhaps with a touch of spangled circusness  No overt hand wavers however and I’m sure we can all live without the shiny ill fitting suits of the chaps at the moment. Sorry guys.


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Weather we can make it on our own.

Good news, well it might be but that depends on the BBC.

I’ve noticed that the evening news programmes I’ve watched recently have a similar article in them. I’ve been watching the BBC Scotland news which I’d stopped doing because of their advocacy views rather than the impartial delivery they are legally obliged but morally incapable of doing, allegedly m’lud.

The bulletins have covered the Scottish economy. They have talking heads and hand waving reporters as well as Hamilton’s best-known news anchor Jackie Burd (yes I know there is only the one). The report starts off quite positively, house prices are up, employment numbers are down or the economy has grown more than expected. All good so far. Then a talking head gives their opinion and usually finishes with a “but” just to make sure we aren’t getting carried away. The other night we were especially lucky to have someone from one of the big four (or should that be foul?) accountancy firms telling us that our economy won’t grow as much as we were previously told. I don’t remember someone from one of the big foul accountancy firms coming on TV News before the great banking crash and telling us what was about to happen, and how we could avoid it. Do you remember? That’ll be a NO then.

Then we’re passed back to the reporter in the studio who is still waving his hands around, although, to be fair, he does seems to find it awkward and at least he has the decency to look embarrassed. His parting shot is to say that further uncertainties, which homeowners, employers or economists, are facing are due to possible Scottish Independence.

This looks really bad. It looks as if it’s a bit of a “na na na-na na” on the part of the BBC. It looks like they are saying “don’t vote for independence because you’ll be rubbish at it and the bigger boys won’t want to play with you or share their toys with you anymore”. So there!

I’d suggest that the BBC try to stay neutral on this. I know this is far from likely and it would break their current and growing tradition of advocating rather than reporting. The future may not be so rosy for the BBC in Scotland following a successful YES vote although Jackie and her colleagues might be okay, but only if they drop the hand waving. Obviously!

Of course, if they were to bring back Miss Whiplash aka Judith Ralston the weather lady currently away on maternity leave, the number of males in the population of Scotland watching the BBC news would increase dramatically, but tragically, only for a minute or so at the very end. To be fair she is a very, very, very good weather forecaster, although none of the men watching take in anything what so ever about what the weather is going to be doing at all.

Now, all of this BBC news has been delivered to us as we sit with a tray on our laps in front of the 42″ TV eating deep fried food with too much sugar/salt/fat. We weren’t getting carried away with all the positive parts of the news. Oh no. There was no mention of football for a start.

However, we may well get carried away in the future, when we live up to our reputation as being the most worsest, baderer, unhealthiest people on the planet and the ambulance arrives to take us to casualty. (We will have cleverly remembered to get our nearest and dearest to pack a few extra chocolate bars, fags and cans of lager as modern healthcare doesn’t seem to provide those essentials, although it IS happy to provide MRSA free of charge, but I digress. As the pain in our chest intensifies we will ask for the Rennies because after all it’s just a bit of indigestion. And… all will be well in the world again – as long as Judith is doing the weather.

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