Are we looking in the right place?

10 Jun

There are a huge number of blogs, which discuss politics and politicians. Probably far too many. Anyway. I read a few and some are excellent. There seems to be a growing discomfort based on the realisation of the complete disconnect between the political classes (politicians, the Establishment, the media etc.) and the people.

I think it’s safe to say that most people think Health and Safety, political correctness, global warming and the EU are things which need to be reduced in scope, receive far too much attention and waste huge amounts of money. Obviously there are more and feel free to point these out and add to the list. The political blogs do tend to raise these issues.

To me the real problem with the blogs is that whilst they may cover the topic well they don’t actually have any solution, or workable solution. For example I was looking at a blog earlier which said Mr Grey the Scottish Labour Leader enjoyed 7% in a poll which asked who was the best candidate for First Minister in Scotland.(Annabel Goldie scored higher even… although I should say that I am a great admirer of the wisdom of Scottish Grannies). The blog in question then went on to say that perhaps Wendy Alexander would be a better leader? Now how many percentage points or very small fractions of a point would or could she add. Lets start at none and work back from there so again a disconnect between the reality and the politically idealistic solution. Surely the point is that the Labour Party in Scotland has no significant personalities who have First Minister potential. But then again do the Tories? Obviously the Lebdims don’t since Charlie lost the plot. The Greens? Be serious. They live in Wallace and Grommet land where everything is nice and nasty things are dealt with easily and then the sun shines and they get stuck into tea and cakes..

So am I an SNP supporter? Well I will vote SNP at the coming election. I kind of like Wee Eck and Deputy Nippy. I don’t like their anti-nuclear stance, their Green jobs will save us, and their claim we have most of the wind and tides in the world so we can power our economy using them. Get real Alex. (I saw Nippy shopping in the Apple Store in Glasgow a couple of Christmases ago. No protection. No one bothered her. Can you imagine Nick Clegg doing that?)

Anyway to return to the theme of this post. The politicians change. The media changes allegiance depending on what’s in it for the owners or the political direction of the paper or TV station at that point in time. But the Civil Servants don’t. They stay the same.

If we want to affect change we need to change the civil service system.

But before we can do that we have to become more politically savvy, become more involved in trying to achieve a position which provides an opportunity to change the system and we have to stand up and be heard.

Then again we might just stay at home watch Corrie Enders Street and believe every word spoken by the BBC.

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