Weather we can make it on our own.

21 Jun

Good news, well it might be but that depends on the BBC.

I’ve noticed that the evening news programmes I’ve watched recently have a similar article in them. I’ve been watching the BBC Scotland news which I’d stopped doing because of their advocacy views rather than the impartial delivery they are legally obliged but morally incapable of doing, allegedly m’lud.

The bulletins have covered the Scottish economy. They have talking heads and hand waving reporters as well as Hamilton’s best-known news anchor Jackie Burd (yes I know there is only the one). The report starts off quite positively, house prices are up, employment numbers are down or the economy has grown more than expected. All good so far. Then a talking head gives their opinion and usually finishes with a “but” just to make sure we aren’t getting carried away. The other night we were especially lucky to have someone from one of the big four (or should that be foul?) accountancy firms telling us that our economy won’t grow as much as we were previously told. I don’t remember someone from one of the big foul accountancy firms coming on TV News before the great banking crash and telling us what was about to happen, and how we could avoid it. Do you remember? That’ll be a NO then.

Then we’re passed back to the reporter in the studio who is still waving his hands around, although, to be fair, he does seems to find it awkward and at least he has the decency to look embarrassed. His parting shot is to say that further uncertainties, which homeowners, employers or economists, are facing are due to possible Scottish Independence.

This looks really bad. It looks as if it’s a bit of a “na na na-na na” on the part of the BBC. It looks like they are saying “don’t vote for independence because you’ll be rubbish at it and the bigger boys won’t want to play with you or share their toys with you anymore”. So there!

I’d suggest that the BBC try to stay neutral on this. I know this is far from likely and it would break their current and growing tradition of advocating rather than reporting. The future may not be so rosy for the BBC in Scotland following a successful YES vote although Jackie and her colleagues might be okay, but only if they drop the hand waving. Obviously!

Of course, if they were to bring back Miss Whiplash aka Judith Ralston the weather lady currently away on maternity leave, the number of males in the population of Scotland watching the BBC news would increase dramatically, but tragically, only for a minute or so at the very end. To be fair she is a very, very, very good weather forecaster, although none of the men watching take in anything what so ever about what the weather is going to be doing at all.

Now, all of this BBC news has been delivered to us as we sit with a tray on our laps in front of the 42″ TV eating deep fried food with too much sugar/salt/fat. We weren’t getting carried away with all the positive parts of the news. Oh no. There was no mention of football for a start.

However, we may well get carried away in the future, when we live up to our reputation as being the most worsest, baderer, unhealthiest people on the planet and the ambulance arrives to take us to casualty. (We will have cleverly remembered to get our nearest and dearest to pack a few extra chocolate bars, fags and cans of lager as modern healthcare doesn’t seem to provide those essentials, although it IS happy to provide MRSA free of charge, but I digress. As the pain in our chest intensifies we will ask for the Rennies because after all it’s just a bit of indigestion. And… all will be well in the world again – as long as Judith is doing the weather.

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