Progress? Shurely shome mishtake!

05 Jul

It’s been obvious for some time, and this goes back before the recent Scottish elections, that the SNP energy policy was at best incredibly naive and at worst destructive. It was therefore with some surprise and pleasure that I found this article.

The SNP are now saying that they would be happy to extend the licenses of our various nuclear power plants, extending their useable lives. Okay this isn’t going to be enough to address future energy needs, but it’s a start people. This looks very much like a first step in the ditching of windmills, tidal turbines and other fantasy energy sources. There is nothing to stop manufacturers or utility companies continuing to develop and install these –  just not at the tax and bill payers expense).

I can’t wait for the next deviation from the solid line of anti-nuclear, pro sustainable policies currently in place. Each change will be a further step towards making our economy more competitive, growing employment and investing in making Scotland a better place to live.

Bring it on Alex even although it may cause you a bit of embarrassment and a few hard questions.

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