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05 Jul

Last nights Newsnight debate about the future of the UK didn’t really cast any new light or introduce any particular controversy. It was good to see a gentleman representing the English case for their own parliament. Well done to him.

The Conservative Unionist chap who was half Scottish and half Irish made some pretty silly remarks and comments. Defending the indefensible comes to mind. It was also a pity that an Irish chap was given the task of defining Englishness. But perhaps that is the real crux of the issue. Perhaps the English can’t define what being English means and what their core values are?

With the UK breakup only a matter of time now, it would surely serve the English cause better, if their politicians and the people themselves developed their own vision of an England which stands on it’s own.

The chap who wanted an English parliament should perhaps prepare for his ascendancy to Downing Street living? All of the other constituent parts of the UK would like to see an English parliament.

In the meantime let’s all agree that only English MPs can vote on English matters. I’m sure only the Labour Party would be upset with this.
Come on England! Be the best you can be! Be proud to be you!

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