Press controls

20 Jul

This post was written as a guest post for Subrosa who has kindly agreed to it being reproduced here.

Apparently, Ed Miliband is suggesting that Murdoch, or anyone else for that matter, should be restricted to owning no more than 20% of the press? This is so predictable. Politicians, or to give them their technical name headless chickens, try to be seen to do something with meaning whilst showing responsibility. Of course they actually achieve the reverse.

Complete yawn time. Reach for the legislation. Several new laws designed. Tiresome voting required. Job done. Move on. The next over-hyped crisis will be along shortly. Bank on it, especially if it’s a financial crisis but that’s another story entirely.

You can second guess what they will actually do. They’ll come up with something, implement it and then months later we’ll find out that it affects us more than it affects the people it was supposed to. Of course there will be absolutely no chance, no chance at all that they will then change it or ditch it. Once it’s there it’s there forever.

For goodness sake.

And… and… we sit back and take it. Every time! Will we ever learn?

How about they do the following –
a. Bring all the UK newspapers into the scope of the inquiry.
b. Also include the BBC and all the other UK broadcasters.
c. Do not consider, plan or layout any new legislation until the inquiry has fully and finally reported.
d. Do not increase privacy laws, which will damage democracy by allowing the creeps, who tell us what not to do getting away with doing it them selves.
e. Split up the BBC and immediately remove the license fee.

f. Give every license fee payer an equal share of the money raised after selling off every single bit of the BBC.
g. Re-enforce the requirement on all press and broadcasters to ensure balance at all times regardless of subject etc.

Will it happen?

Of course not.

Well at least not soon.

But maybe.

Just maybe sooner than the politicians etc. expect?

Let’s hope.

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