Just like buses then?

17 Aug

I wrote earlier about tackling gangs. Dave was up for it, job done. Now the BBC News tells me that Prince Charles is going to tackle gangs. It’s only a matter of time before a Greenie Leftie starts a campaign to save Gangs as they are being over-tackled and will have to be recognised as a threatened species. Quite ironic that given that gangs and threatening go hand in hand.

Anyway to Prince Charles. I’d expect him to take immediate action against that well know gang The Windsors. Get stuck right into them as they need to be brought under some sort of control. I’m sure he’ll be recommending the current Gang Leader – Liz I think she’s called – be replaced immediately. By him of course.

He’ll be quick to say that the Windsor Gang is a carbuncle stuck on the side of that magnificent edifice that is the UK. He’ll then talk green environmental strategy for sorting The Windsors out through the use of natural composting techniques and using wind power to sap their energy.

Of course there’s a new Gang on the block. The Cambridges. Sharp as tacks and knowledgeable in the ways of the world. The Yah world anyway.

The big question now is, who is going to tackle gangs next? Jeremy Kyle is bound to be in the frame. An Archbishop must be a possibility? What about The Telly Tubbies or are they in fact a Gang?

Maybe I should join a gang? Maybe we all should? Maybe we already have? Maybe the gang we are in is too big to be tackled but not too big to be brain washed, taxed to submission and completely ignored.

Isn’t all this gang stuff just so much fun? No I thought not too.

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