Tackling Gangs the “new national priority”.

17 Aug

A new national priority, wow, this is serious. This is not the time for messing about. No room for politics. It’s a priority. And… It’s straight from the mouth of our leader. None other than Mr David (call me Dave) Cameron.  It’s only a matter of time before we can all sleep soundly in our beds again. Dave will set upon the gangs. He’ll sort them out. They will quake at the mere mention of his name. Dave the gang tackler. It’s impressive.

I’m not sure what his tactic will be but I’ll give it a go. First, which gangs to target? Well they’ll be the ones that have carried out crimes describes as being pure criminal and thuggery. Luckily these gangs are already notorious and know to us. There’s the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, The Lib Dems, The Green Party, The Police, The Judiciary, The Media, The Bankers and The EU for starters. You’ll have spotted that these gangs didn’t riot in the streets apart from the Police anyway. These gangs have done and continue to do things however which are “pure criminality and thuggery” just as Dave said.

Now even Dave has recognised that all sectors of our society shares the blame for our broken society. So what will he do? Here’s a top ten list, which should be actioned immediately.

  • All monies which were wrongly claimed by MPs should be paid back in full and include interest from the point they were paid into the MPs bank accounts. Previous accommodations made which allowed lower amounts to be paid back, should be set aside and the amounts paid back previously will of course be deducted from the total outstanding. Full details of each MPs repayments will be made available to every person in their constituency.
  • A payment should be made to those MPs who made morally correct expenses claims as recognition and reward for honesty. They should be recognised nationally and held up as examples, which all MPs should follow.
  • All policies contained within election manifestoes must be implemented within the timescale provided within said manifesto. Failure to do so would represent a breach of contract requiring compensation to be paid in the form of reduced taxes to the electorate.
  • All Police activities, which involve interaction with the public, will be subject to a Service Level Agreement. Failure by individual members of the Police to meet the Service Level Agreement will be dealt with as a crime and be subject to prosecution.
  • The Judiciary should be subject to review for suitability and should be subject to quality review and be continually assessed on appropriateness of sentencing. An immediate end to court secrecy, and any other activities, which are not fully transparent and open should be a priority requirement.
  • The right to remain silent should be re-instated and the requirement for “innocent until proven guilty” recognised as the basis for all due process.
  • The freedom of the media should be maintained, however, accuracy of reporting must be guaranteed to ensure unbiased reporting. Sensationalising reporting by way of provocative and exaggerated language should also be addressed as a means of ensuring undue twisting of the actual facts, which may present a different view from actual truth. A new Press Complains body should be established immediately and have the power to require retraction and clarification which is delivered in the same manner as the original article.
  • Bankers should be required to provide a timetable to repay all monies, provided as bailouts, by the government, as a proxy of the people, The time taken and the instalment amounts should also reflect a rate of interest above base rate as per each banks normal published charges to customers. Failure to adhere to the agreed terms would be followed by petitions to seek bankruptcy.
  • All payments due to the EU should be stopped pending the agreement and signing of the EU Audited accounts. All laws developed by the EU which have been adopted by the UK should be subject to assessment for suitability and if not fit for purpose or which are at odds with UK culture should be repealed. The level of compliance by the UK should reflect the level of compliance by other members of the EU to ensure fairness.

Dave’s next speech then, will be to layout the above and to pledge to report on progress made on each point on a weekly basis. He would also however, need to engage with the population as a whole and begin to build a real relationship which will require honesty and trust to be built longer term. He might also apologise for the abhorrent behaviour by MPs etc. and suggest that we all work together to address the broken society without pointing fingers and talking down to people. He will want to get the establishment’s house in order first before doing anything else. All segments of society are broken apparently, but none more so than the political class and it’s lackeys.

Pigs might also fly by the squadron. Best beware though Dave. People are watching and waiting. If you fail to deliver the resulting backlash will not be pretty for any of us.

One last thing, I haven’t mentioned billionaires, big business, big oil etc. We have at least some prerogative, which allows a modicum of personal freedom when we deal with these sorts of organisations. We can at least decide not to spend any of our hard earned money with them. At least that’s something although they would also have to be on Dave’s radar to fully achieve a marketplace, which provides true competition with the teeth to enforce it when needed. The rioters? Show them by example how you expect law-abiding people to behave.

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