Non-Celebrity Big Brother

19 Aug

Well it’s back on TV again, Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.
Problem one.
The celebrities aren’t celebrities at all. I saw a tweet from a wag which said it was a sad day when the best known celebrity in Big Brother was Sally Bercow. Famous as the wife of the Speaker in the House of Commons, being photographed in a towel and admitting to dabbling in drugs and enjoying a certain fondness for males, hardly the stuff of gripping excitement?
Problem two.
It looked so amateurish. Brian the host couldn’t get the victims/contestants/people to stand in the right place and say the right things. The doors to get in didn’t seem to want to co-operate which was actually quite funny but not good.
Problem three.
Watching car crash TV is best enjoyed live. I’ve watched the odd bit of Big Brother over the years and the live stuff was the best but now there is no live feed.
Why live is best? Perhaps there is something interesting, but only for a few moments, for the voyeur in us all? Big Brother always promised to be more risqué that it ever was. It portrayed itself as an unofficial experiment looking at how people in an enclosed environment interacted and dealt with the relationship stresses involved. The reality was somewhat different. The smut was implied, the bravado uncertain and the aggression played out as part of the game. It also provided many occasions when moral indignation could be displayed which in the UK is turning into a very important hobby.
In a way, it’s the same with The Apprentice. The contestants talk a great game, are encouraged to be bold and thrusting and turn out to be anything but. Dragons Den shows people who are badly prepared which provides headshaking, tutting and lecturing from the Dragons, Oh come on please if you’re there to ask for money you must have watched an episode or two and know what they want and how they operate?
The X Factor and Britain’s Got talent (apparently) trade on showing people who have been misled or maliciously encouraged to take to the stage when in fact the only stage they should have been on is the one that left five minutes before they were due to get up and demonstrate their shortcomings to the not so small audience who watch.
Surely the Susan Boyle moment provided the cleverest part of car crash TV. She didn’t look like she could manage anything at all never mind singing and then she sang reasonably well. Everyone watching felt guilty about pre-judging people and the producers or the director who set it up must have been delighted and well rewarded afterwards.
Big Brother in all its forms had been put to bed. It should really have stayed there. Watching people washing up the pots, drying them and putting them away and wiping up the sink etc. is not entertainment it’s chores and we all have far too many of them. I won’t be watching it, I doubt many people will.


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2 responses to “Non-Celebrity Big Brother

  1. John Yoo

    August 19, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    The best thing Jedward have ever been on was ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ and everyone slated them. check out this article

  2. Subrosa

    August 23, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Haven’t watched it for years, however Sally Bercow shows the level of dignity some MP’s wives can muster. Doesn’t say a lot for politicians or their wives does it.


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