The trams trundle on…

25 Aug

Well they don’t. They are not going anywhere in Edinburgh, apart from some distant cities who will lease them until such times as they fall to bits though overuse or Edinburgh want them back because the line is completed to a degree which will actually allow a tram or even trams to turn a wheel. If we are really unlucky they will be able to turn a wheel may many times.

Why so grim? The latest, hot of the press, decision is that they will run from Haymarket to the Airport which doesn’t serve the City centre and adds a complicated solution to get to the airport when an excellent bus service is already in place. This shortened route will generate an operating deficit of £4M every year for the life of the service. Is that a good deal or what?

Our bold politicians who are blessed with the highest possible level of foresight, and then some, know what is best for Edinburgh. They would do. They always have. We, the Council tax payers, residents and voters are not blessed with such foresight. We just know what is right for us.

It is not right for us to be committed to pay millions of pounds towards a vanity project which no one wants. It is not right that a shortened and embarrassingly toy town route will require money from us every year it operates whilst other services are cash starved.

What is definitely NOT right for us is having people dream up such a project in the first place, push it through without asking the voters if we wanted it, and continue to push it when it is quite obviously a dead duck. But the politicians and Council Officers knew we would like it once it was completed. Maybe. But not now, not ever.

So to the collective politicians and Council Officers who have been involved in this project STOP spending money on this ridiculous project. LEAVE the rails in Princes Street to remind us all that we should never let anything like this ever happen again. However, if the politicians and Council Officers want to go ahead, they should. just as long as they pay for it in full with NO money from the tax payers.

Foresight indicates that’s definitely going to happen. NOT!!!!!!

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