A million reasons not to do things.

31 Aug

There are a million reasons  why you shouldn’t do something and only one reason that you should. It’s very simple. If you WANT it ENOUGH you will achieve it.

We’ve all done it. Set targets for ourselves and met them and felt good about it. We’ve also set targets and haven’t met them, closely or otherwise and we haven’t felt good about that and then we persuade ourselves we did enough to feel good and then, later, accept we didn’t do enough and feel bad about it.

Gaining Scottish Independence is a big target and the number of voters who decide that they want it enough will vote for it. Whether enough will is a moot point at the moment. However, what we don’t need are various people with axes to grind, queuing up to provide negative independence sound bites and quotes for the MSM.

Today we have two. We have a Glasgow solicitor telling us that catholics may suffer following Independence and the increase in bigotry which this might bring. This view may well be interpreted as an encouragement to catholic voters not to vote for Independence. Is there any truth in it? Perhaps if you are in the West you may consider this to hold some water. In the East it’s complete nonsense. Actually, in the West it’s also complete nonsense and has been for some years.

The solicitor who made the comment is the same solicitor who acts for a Mr N Lennon, the Celtic FC manager. Mr Lennon was assaulted at a football match and his case is providing BBC Scotland news with their nightly court report fix at the moment. No one should be assaulted at a football match regardless of who they are and the team they support. That this is also being pursued as a religiously motivated crime fits well with the current wish to stamp this type of vitriol out. Mr Lennon should not have been assaulted and subjected to religious intolerance. Of course, Mr Lennon should not have assaulted a certain Mr McCoist at another football match. This was also on the news.  The old firm is based on religious differences and until both Rangers and Celtic distance themselves from that, to a realistic and honest degree, we are stuck with the consequences.

Since writing this, the Jury have acquitted the attacker although he is still being held in remand for a breach of the peace conviction. The religious element in the charge was too much for the jury. Justice was served but not in the way the Scottish legal system expected it to. Back to the drawing board chaps and chapesses. More work required.

Meanwhile the Department in Westminster which is responsible for counting beans, tacks, people doing this that and other tell us that adults in Scotland drink 20% more than those in England. Shock Horror. Probe. We’d kind of guessed that albeit not so accurately. As a people we have our macho image to live up to, that’ll be the same one that the British Army exploited for years as the “Jocks” led the charge, again and again and again. Hard men who now how to party as do the women now too.  We’ve all seen evidence of drink abuse in Scotland, as well as many other countries.

Until we change the pattern of alcohol use we will get nowhere. Making it more expensive won’t work. Trying to make it socially unacceptable might help but that’s not a good way to do things. We just need to encourage our young people in particular to recognise that you don’t have to get drunk to be able to have fun and encourage them to say they’ve had enough without peer pressure forcing them to carry on.

Since writing this earlier BBC news have honed the report which now clarifies the issue. Apparently, it is not the usual suspects doing the over indulging. No. It’s actually people sitting at home drinking wine. The Guardianistas are to blame. Who’d a thunk it. Shocking. Give the lot of them a damn good thrashing. It’s what they deserve. What next? Pass the Chateau Buckfast dahling. It has a certain ring to it has it not?

So catholics will be subjected to bigotry and we can’t handle alcohol. All in a day’s work for MSM.

Is it not possible for the MSM to recognise that they are reporting on an opportunity which has enormous potential? An opportunity which could actually allow us as a country, to look very closely at our own problems as well as our strengths and then go on to find solution which are Scottish and will not emanate from Westminster?

But would that sell newspapers? Would that provide a soap box for politicians or those who pursue their 15 minutes of fame? Of course not. More’s the pity.


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