The Royal Bank of Taxpayers and The Bank of Customers.

02 Sep

The government, whether it be European, national, regional or local, do not have any money. No money at all. Zilch. Na da. We, the Taxpayers, provide them with money to spend on our behalf. However, this clear and unarguable fact seems to have become somewhat muddied. Our role seems to has been diminished to reflect and reinforce the “pay up or suffer the consequences” mantra of which we are all too well aware.

We, the Taxpayers, have loads of money to pay for wars, to give to countries that have more than us, to pay for trams we don’t want and need, to throw at banks, to give to owners of windmills that don’t do what it says on the tin, etc. etc. etc.

The Royal Bank of Taxpayers is open all day everyday. We never close and we pay out for any scheme, which those with power and influence think, is a good idea, for them that is.

We, the Taxpayers, also under write loans, which the government, whether it be European, national, regional or local, decide to take out. We have no say in this. There is no consultation, no opportunity for us to voice our opinions in a meaningful way and no real accountability placed on the politicians.

We, The Taxpayers are allowed democracy but not the kind the politicians say other countries should have instead of the dictatorships they have in place. Oh no, we are allowed to take part in an election every now and again which allows us to vote for the group of politicians which we feel best serve our needs and wants. Unfortunately it’s becoming more obvious that what the politicians say before the election is not what they do afterwards. But be fair it’s not their fault. It was the bad boys who were in power before them (and this excuse is good for at least one term in power or longer if they manage to fluke in for another term).

There’s another side to this also. We the customers of the businesses we choose to spend our money with are treated in a similar manner.

The Bank of Customers is open all day everyday. We never close and we buy stuff at “market prices” which are supposed to be regulated to ensure there are no monopolies, no price fixing and no unfair contracting. They are also regulated to ensure reasonable value, service and of course the old chestnut “fit for purpose”.

Those selling goods to us incur costs in doing so and the profit level they wish to achieve is dependent on market competition and the perception of value as far as we “the customers” are concerned.

However, the choice is narrower than we might think leaving us with less choice since there are fewer businesses to go to and some businesses we buy from are actually parts of larger groups.  These businesses have owners and sometimes shareholders who keep the profits after paying tax, in theory at least anyway.

As is the way with the world the services, equipment or raw materials, which these businesses need to provide the goods or services they sell increase in price or they need to reinvest in the business to improve things.  Yes you’re ahead of me. The make further withdrawals from the Bank of Customers.

Sometime they get it a bit wrong. Oops. Sometimes they put their prices up by more than they strictly needed. Sometimes they don’t ask their shareholders to provide additional investment.  But it’s okay. The Bank of Customers will pay, not in every case though and they might whine but the businesses can either confuse the issues through the way they describe the offering or they’ll maybe reduce quality or quantity. The Bank of Customer always pays.

And we feel comfortable about this?

What is wrong with us?

What are we doing?

Who is on our side?

I can answer that one. No one.


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