04 Sep

We’ve all had cause, at one time or another to call on the National Health Service for help, support and cure. Sometimes the NHS performs flawlessly and other times… well maybe not so.  I’m not about to rubbish the NHS. It’s like every other Government service, department, quango etc. There are people who work very hard indeed and do a fabulous job and there are others who fall well short of the line for competence and of course all manner of performance in between.

I have a particular problem with Doctors. Part of the problem is caused by the MSM who describe Doctors as being the salt of the Earth, wonderful human beings and the deliverers of a level of care, which is beyond wonderful. This is of course far from the truth. Doctors are not created equal and the same good, bad and indifferent rules apply. They get things wrong at times as we all do. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an article on the news, which praises Doctors interviewing a Doctor who says that not all Doctors are fabulous. Doctors enjoy the awe they are held in and, unfortunately, stick together, so no denial of perfection across the board.

When a loved one is in hospital you rely on the Doctors and Nurses to look after them but there is another issue which I’ve found always rears its head. Every Doctor involved in the care of the patient has a different approach or opinion about what is wrong or should be done.  This also extends to the Nursing staff and probably the cleaners and porters have opinions also. A relative of mine had been ill for a number of years with a fairly debilitating illness.  They were taken in to a hospital and one of the Doctors actually told them that the diagnosis was wrong, after years of treatment and specific care. It wasn’t. The Doctor was. It caused more than a bit of upset.

Two final things.

It’s surprising how many of the things you have to go through in hospital, in particular, happen for the benefit of trainee Doctors. They have to learn but maybe the patient should be advised of it being training whether it’s an interview, a test or a procedure and feel under no pressure to agree.

If you go to a GP they’ll listen to what you have to say and address it then they’ll ask you to have your blood pressure taken or some other stuff. Medically caring? Well yes but in some cases perhaps financially rewarding?

Next time I have to use the NHS I’m sure I’ll be looked after by the best Doctor in the UK. If he isn’t and there’s a problem I’ll just have to live with the consequences. The Doctor? There’s a new patient along every few minutes and life goes on. Or not.


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