Moaning Minnies…

07 Sep

It did not take long for the moaning minnie’s to resurface. A pincer movement this time. Business in Scotland will suffer, as there is uncertainty about Independence and the future of Scotland. Oh really.  And the people of Scotland deserve to know what the future plans are and what they will entail.

Probably just coincidence that these came along at the same time. There is not much news about at the moment anyway. Nothing huge. Same old, same old. Hah!

It is true that businesses have to future plan but it is also true that they have to plan dynamically and with contingency built in based on risk realisation and mitigation. It is also true that very few people can and do accurately predict future trends and actuals. If it was that easy the Credit Crunch would not have happened.

Every business owner/partner or director wants a stable environment on which they can operate – interest rate stability, taxes moving downwards, low inflation, not too much competition and an available and skilled workforce being paid reasonable rates. It does not all come together at the same time or in the right order though. Things happen. Disruption comes from left field and it is not expected that is why it is disruptive.

There will be business people out there who feel independence is not a good idea. They are entitled to their views and anyway, their business acumen will always find a positive way forward or they will not survive. Change provides opportunities. Opportunities are there to be exploited and profited from.

Which brings us to the speech by Mr Moore our representative in Westminster. He wants answers from the SNP Government on the following –

1. What regulation would be applied to our banks and financial services and who would enforce it?

2. Which currency would Scotland adopt and how could entry and influence be guaranteed?

3. How would membership of international organisations – including the EU – be assured?

4. What will be our defence posture and the configuration of our armed forces?

5. How many billions would we inherit in pension liabilities and who would pay for future pensions?

6. How much would independence cost: what is the bottom line?

In a previous blog article I suggested that the SNP could be more forthcoming about future plans for Scotland. However, I was asking about plans, which would lead to a more dynamic Scotland. The questions above are politically based obviously, and whilst interesting to a degree do not address the real issue.

The real issue is that people voted for the SNP and for change, positive change that would improve the lives of people in Scotland. How that is achieved is unknown because the debate, the planning and the decision-making are yet to take place. It is only obvious that the SNP government will want to take as long as possible to form detailed plans, unless, of course an opportunist event avails itself.

Yes we want to know, but we would like to be consulted, included and valued within the process. We expect that unionist parties or those with unionist leanings, to do their thing to oppose any relaxation of the union, Although, if things swing further in the direction of the SNP, the unionists may change their views to ensure they have a place in whatever new structure appears.

I would have thought that Scottish businesses and Mr Moore would have had other things on their minds. Like making a profit or finding a job after the next election.

Efforts to rubbish and thwart the change, which was voted for with full knowledge of the potential of self-determination for Scotland, may not gain as much traction as some people seem to think is possible. Voters will ultimately decide on the course of action they believe to be best. Interference and skewing of any referendum by politicians and political parties, the MSM and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all, may produce a very negative response from voters.

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