Do electric cars dream of electric drivers?

08 Sep

This post was originally written for the Subrosa Blog and is reproduced here by consent.

Electric cars are only available in a GT version. No, not “Grand Tourer” unless a sixty mile trip there and back is a long journey for you. No the GT in this case stands for Gargoyle Treatment. Why have they made them so ugly? Normal cars look good mostly and hybrids aren’t too bad. But the Nissan Leaf, the G-Wiz (named after the remark passers-by use when they see one fold up completely in a crash), Ze car and Ze van (they look like the same vehicle to me) etc. etc. are not “easy on the eye”.

The government want us to buy electric cars to reduce carbon emissions (as if). The manufacturers might want to make them look less, well, less frightening if they are really that keen on selling them. The £5000 grant (bribe) towards the purchase price doesn’t really help. The cars are all massively overpriced compared to normal cars.

Now you’re going to say – “what about the Tessla, or the Mini, or the other electric cars which look just like their petrol/diesel variants?” That’s cheating. The Tesla is very expensive to start with and the other cars have limited ranges and they lose space and gain weight which compromises them.

There are few charging points. They take too long to charge. They are powered by electricity generated by coal, oil, gas and of course nuclear power stations which makes the carbon foot print or other environmental issues questionable at best. Their build also adds to their carbon foot print.

I’m thinking of getting a more environmentally friendly vehicle. I’ll change my current car in the spring. It’s hugely fast. It makes a wonderful noise when I press the hurry up pedal. My new to me vehicle will probably be a large 4×4 jeep with a V8 engine with a more open exhaust so it sounds amazing. I’ll get one which has been converted to LPG and pay 58p per litre. Fun to drive AND affordable.

That’ll do for me.

I admit to being a petrol head. I like cars and motorbikes. I also like cycling. I like those tree things and that natural green carpet people play sports on, grass they call it. I like a nice view without windmills. I don’t mind a walk through a wood or alongside a stream. I don’t mind wee furry or feathered things as long as they don’t bite, scratch or leak from their bottom in my vicinity.

Wasps however, I’m just not fond off. What is the point of a wasp? The wasp is the hoodie, chav or punk of nature. I don’t kill them unless they start to play that hovering game close to my nose, ear, head, hand etc, etc, which can end by them stinging because they can, Over and over again. For the hell of it. And why not?

Bottom line is I am in awe of mankind’s achievements. Nature has its place and we need to protect it appropriately but mankind? Our ingenuity knows no bounds, it just needs enough time and money and anything can be achieved.


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