What’s in a name?

09 Sep

The holidays are over and people are back to work and… and… our intrepid MSPs are back to work also. They’ve been having a bit of a longer rest because it is stressful work and they work very long hours. Honest. They do. No really.

The Tory Party and the Labour Party are having leadership contests. That should be interesting. The Tories have started off in style. In the blue corner it is Mr Murdo Fraser who has one thing on his mind. No not that, it’s actually, change. Yes change! As you will already know, once Murdo has won the leadership contest he will then disband the Tory MSP Party and start again with something more modern, more dynamic and more thrusting. That just sounds like the Tory Party does it not? I mean just look at “Call me Dave, but forget I suggested we should all hug a hoodie”. He is very, very, very something. Just not sure what that something actually is? Maybe he’s Mirror Man? He reflects back what you expect to see although it’s a pretty tinted view.

I think a new type of Scottish Tory Party is a great idea. I’m not sure it will make a lot of difference but it may attract a few more votes to add to the few more votes they already get. The Tories in Scotland have been pretty near dead for a number of years, although if you want to consider what a dead political party looks like, give the LibDems a look. Whoa! Messy or what?

I was wondering what the name of the new party would be. I’d imagine if the North East party members had a say they would want the name to be The Tollie Party but that’s a crap name (The South African take on it might not be too helpful either). They might want to go for a longer more sophisticated name like the Scottish Tory & Unionist Party Incredibly Dynamic. Sounds good. It could catch on. Not too sure many people would vote for STUPID or vote STUPID even. But there will be some who will. There’s always The Conservatory Party? Just get someone who sells conservatories to sponsor the party. So, for example, how about the Everest Conservatory Party. Makes it’s easier to remember and the Tories (Tolllies) make money at the same time. Done deal really.

Once that part is sorted out, and they win complete power, they might then turn their attentions to the BBC which has been critical of the Tories/Tollies/STUPID/Everest Conservatories in no small way after all and what comes around goes around, right? They could change the name from the British Broadcasting Corporation to the Blue Boy Channel. Much more dynamic although slightly camp maybe? Pink vote winner? This could be interesting.

Murdo for King for sure.

It just needs a huge amount of change for it to happen. And, let’s be honest here, the Tory Party is not exactly renowned for adopting significant change. They might yet surprise us. You never know.

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