I can feel a saga coming on..

17 Sep

If only. If only life was so exciting that sagas were part of it. That aside let me explain.

You will be aware that the human race, of which most of us are a part, has some jolly spanking chaps and chapesses (no not that sort of spanking!) in it who have helped us all live longer. Not just a bit longer but much longer. That is a good thing. Okay there might be a few examples of persons where longer life should perhaps not have been an option but in the main it’s a good thing.

As interesting as that may be there are down sides. This is the UK and Scotland in particular so the downside is always going to be there and, of course, we will find it. The downside is that we live longer and the younger generations have to work to pay for our pensions and our health care and on and on and on.

However this pales into insignificance. For some reason, although we are living longer this hasn’t permeated into our culture. Reaching 40 is still a major milestone. Middle age ranges haven’t changed and the perception that when we hit 50 our bodily parts head south, fail to work and dribbling (not the kindest of words) becomes a reality. Have no fear however, the antidote to old age is with us. Drum roll please… Saga and beige. Ta bloomin’ da!

Once I got past 50 I started getting mailshots from Saga. It was for car insurance initially. I can categorically state that I do not and probably never will ever drive like a 50 year old. Like a loony, certainly. But never like a 50 year old.

Then it was holidays. Saga holidays. I mean why would people who turn 50 suddenly seek only the company of people who are 50 or over? Not for me. I’m not knocking it. If it works for you or your family or friends that’s absolutely great. But it’s just not for me.

Beige is another matter. I don’t have much beige in my wardrobe, that’s because I keep it in a cupboard, I jest. I have a pair of cream chinos which would pass for beige but I’ve not worn them much at all recently. I don’t have beige shoes or cardigans or windcheaters. Bizarrely, I have brown stuff. The question is… is it brown garments first and then it becomes beige. Fear and trepidation. Oh dear.

Whats is more serious is that the job market doesn’t like older people. They say they don’t discriminate against older people but they do. They ask for experience but they want younger people, so how much experience is the right amount?

I’m expecting to live well past 80 and get to 90ish. I also expect my wife and lots of people the same age as me to achieve the same. I expect my children to live past 100 and maybe even 110 or 120. This is game altering.

How many careers will people need to have? When will retirement age kick in? How long will children go to school for? 15 years? 20 Years? Retirement? When and how?

Meantime I’ll settle for getting old badly, without requiring the services of Saga and never exploring the sartorial elegance that beige can bring. Apparently.

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