Losing faith

21 Sep

A few days ago I did a piece entitled “Doe we need the SNP?” I was hopeful and positive.

There have been worrying signs over the past few days that the SNP are behaving in the same way as any other political party. I know it’s early days. I know Alex will have a plan or several. I know things are going to happen which are outwith all our control.

If Independence is going to work it is going to have to be different from the union with the rest of the UK. I truly believe that everything, let me say that again everything is subject to review and change. It has to be so. Why because we have to find the basis for a modern society which will deliver the lifestyle, aspirations and pride which the Scottish people need and want. It won’t be easy. We are diverse.

The process of change and improvement should have started by now. The budget today was patchy. A tax on Tesco? That will become a tax on their customers who will include some of the people who voted SNP.

Be brave Alex. You’ll need to be or you’ll be a foot note in history a lot quicker than you may like.

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