War Davy.

22 Sep

Dave was on the news again today. He’s on TV a lot. He says things. Soundbites. He sounds sincere. He sounds it but he clearly isn’t. He doesn’t have to actually live with the things he says though. Oh no, that’s for other people to do. It’s for the masses. The oiks, The great unwashed. Or you and me.

Today however, Dave played a blinder. His new “thang” is based on his Libyian success. Success is a strong word. I mean the whole Libya thing is a bit muddy is it not? It looks tribal but let’s hope it isn’t.

Anyway, Dave is hooked on saving the world. Well when I say he is hooked I mean he is going to use his influence, determination and assets to regime change when it’s obvious the regime in charge is bad. Obviously being “bad” is subjective but I have a feeling that Dave will just know what the right type of bad is and then he’ll do something about it.

He wants his mates to join in. He’s been talking to the UN. UNinterested? UNable? No. Wait it’s UNnecessary!! Everyone is to join him in his new quest. I mean he could be doing other things. Like trying to sort out the financial woes? That’s dull. It’s not dull for you and me. It’s much more exciting for us. We just need to cope with inflation, holding onto a job, reduced pensions, helping to pay for windmills for his Father-in-Law etc. etc. etc.

Now Dave isn’t going to get his hands dirty. He has people who do that. The RAF, Army and Navy. Mostly the Army tho. I think he has the romantic notion that it can all be done at arms length like Libya. Big flash planes with even bigger flash missiles and smart bombs and high tech this, that and the next thing. No sand. No booby traps. No soldiers coming back with bits missing or women and children waiting on their Husband/Dad who they will miss forever because he’ll come back completely dead. None of that. Just wiz, bang, zoom. Look down on it. No walking in amongst it tho.

Downside to his plans? Maybe his mates won’t be so enthusiastic? Where will he get the money? Will the Rebel Libyans pay Dave for his efforts? Oil? Probably but enough? For how long? No problem. He has the Royal Bank of Tax payers who will fund his plans meantime.

Why? Why is he doing this? For his own part in history? To prove to the world that he is “the man”? Surely not.

It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or where you live. You’ll end up with politicians. Smiling politicians who will promise you the earth and deliver you dirt. They aren’t all like that. But they mostly are. And we only have ourselves to blame.

If Dave is keen on regime change he should maybe start by getting rid of that LibDem/Tory crowd in London. Now that would be something we could all cheer about!! Only until the new lot took office tho. Then we’d be begging Dave for more regime change and so on, and so on, and so, on ad finitum.

No politicians were harmed during the writing of this article. (More’s the pity).

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