Traitors, Labour, Sold out, why?

29 Sep

Captain Ranty has an interesting post on his blog.

In some detail, he lays out the skulduggery carried out by the Westminster Labour Party in collusion with Labour and LibDem MSPs. Alex McLiesh and Tam Dalyell along with Tony Blair are specifically mentioned.

It would seem that these men signed away the rights to 6000 square miles of Scottish Territorial water. The water in which more oil may be discovered. The transfer took place. The document links are on the CR blog. It happened. Neither parliament was consulted. It wasn’t reported in the press.

The question is why would they wanted this and why would they agree to it? The inference is that this was a means to reduce any potential new oil wealth although the official line was that this was for adding fishing rights to the English fishing fleet. The documents you may care to look at on CRs site are the actual official documents and there are others which clearly state that a huge Scottish economic budget surplus would be the result of the oil discoveries made in the 70s.

The lies. We have been told repeatedly that Scotland gets more out of the UK than it’s fair share. This is a lie.

That we have this example of the duplicity of Scottish MPs and MSPs who represent Scottish people, do they know the meaning of that word They will say that they know better than us. That it was all part of a bigger picture. That it has benefited us more than would have been the case otherwise.

I am no fan of enquiries but here is a case where a televised enquiry is required. I want to see the guilty men sit and squirm. I want apologies from them to all the Scottish people. I want recompense from the Westminster Government. I want to see a payment made from the Westminster exchequer of £1500 for every person in Scotland as a starter. I want them to have to negotiate for the return of all oil tax and other monies with a starting point of how soon payments will start to be made rather than if.

I want, I want, I want. Petulant child? No. Angry yes. I know it’s not gong to happen. That doesn’t mean that our Scottish Government should not exploit this and expose and embarrass the treacherous, guilty men.

I’m sure they sleep soundly in their beds.



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