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The main political parties in the UK, and in many western democracies, consider themselves as centrist although they may lean slightly in one direction or another depending on subject and overall aims. Labour is to the left of centre, Conservative is to the right, SNP is to the left, LibDems are both left and right. Fairly simple really. These parties would also consider themselves as being moderate as in having no extreme views or particularly dogmatic approaches to policy. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a position where there is very little to differentiate the parties which is further exacerbated by the seeming lack of dynamism and pragmatism from almost all politicians.

As voters we have little to decide on. Even when there is an obvious difference in policy the politicians and their supporting mechanisms have alienated us to such an extent that we don’t believe or expect them to actually enact the contents of their manifestos. It’s left us all feeling ever more powerless and discontented by a system which is failing us on all fronts. Progress is possible despite the government and almost all public authorities and bodies.  The system has failed, long live the system. A new anthem for our politicians and betters since it hasn’t failed for them.

I tend to visualise the political spectrum as a line with a dot exactly in the middle and a bit of shading either side. That’s where our politicians live. However, when I consider the more extreme political possibilities I no longer visualise a straight line, I visualise a circle. At the top of the circle the dot and shading still exist and at the bottom of the circle opposite there is another dot. On the left of the dot it is labelled Marxist and on the right Fascist. I visualise it like that because there is little difference between the two at their most extreme.

Unfortunately we have been able to witness for ourselves, well via the filter of MSDM reporting anyway, fascism in action. I’d like to call my fits witness to the box. Call United Against Racism and Facism. Despite what the title says this is a fascist organisation. The evidence? Simple. They have been trying, with the complicit MSM, politicians and politically motived opportunists to stop the EDL, SDL, BNP and others from expressing their views which is a democratic right to all people in the UK. At this point there will be some people who immediately cite racism as being a main feature of these parties and there is evidence that this is certainly something that should be dealt with. We have laws which are designed to do that. When racism is demonstrated, regardless of which party, organisation or individual is responsible the law should be invoked and justice carried out.

This is not the job of the so called extreme left who are in fact behaving like the extreme right. They cite racism as being abhorrent, as should be the case, but then opportunistically take it further and accuse the EDL, SDL, BNP and others of being fascist. Let me provide a definition of fascism – “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”

There are elements of both the EDL, SDL, BNP and other similar organisations and United Against Racism and Fascism and other such organisations in this definition.

That’s why I visualise my circle where Marxism and Fascism are at the bottom. They become the same thing. Extremism.

The EDL, SDL, BNP and other similar organisations should vigorously reject all racial intolerance. Their argument about immigration and extremism however is legitimate. They are entitled to be concerned about extremists from any part of the UK population and that is going to include Muslim extremists.

United Against Racism and Fascism and other such organisations should also vigorously condemn extremists who are actively and violently acting against the UK population and that is going to include Muslim extremists. However, trying to prevent people having an opinion which differs from there’s and stopping them demonstrate is anti-democratic. Fascist. They can’t have it both ways although they will argue that they can.

Every street, area, race, religion, political party, country, etc., etc., etc., have people who have a grudge or a chip on their shoulder or choose to be disruptive. The Muslim community is no different from this and it might help everyone if this was recognised more and the community itself spoke out against those who are tarnishing its image.

I heard Bashir Okhai the very successful Muslim Dundee businessman, being interviewed on Radio Scotland a few years ago. It was about racism. Mr Okhai ended the interview by stating that he thought everyone was racist to a degree regardless of race or colour. He didn’t see this as a problem unless it became extreme. Extremism is the problem.

Tolerance. No extremism. Way to go.

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