Windy Miller knows…

02 Oct

The MSM have been writing about wind again. Yawn. Windmills haven’t been turning enough and haven’t been generating much power and the wind hasn’t been blowing enough or the wind has been blowing too much. Windmills are old technology and people have long since stopped using them as a main source of energy. No mystery really, new technology came along which was better and more efficient.

I don’t know about you but I tend to seek information from authoritative figures that have years of real experience if I want to find out more about a subject. In this case there’s only one man who can throw any sort of light on the subject of windmills… Windy Miller. THE Windy Miller from Camberwick Green the 1960s children’s TV programme. He’s owned a windmill for years. He’s managed to run a successful milling business using only the wind. I asked him how he managed the wind, how did he manage to harness enough wind to keep his mill going? The answer? He whistles for the wind.

That sums it up for wind power. There are no guarantees that the wind will blow or, if it does, is it at the right speed. It should behave in a certain way according to some humans. It won’t.

History is important to us. It holds lesson for us. Okay we ignore and forget those lessons and as a species we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But history is just that, history, things that happened in our past. Windmills are from the past. Windmills belong in the past. It may well be that they are now more efficient than previous attempts and they certainly look nicer. It may well be the case that they will be developed a lot further but this isn’t an answer. It’s not an answer because the question is wrong to start with.  Can we harness natural renewable alternative sources of energy, which will not result in the emission of CO2?

If we are going to get rid of this climate change nonsense the best way to do it is to take way their reason to pursue it

So the real question is… Can we develop sources of energy, which will be cheaper to produce, provide higher levels of energy than current carbon based fuels and which produce no polluting residue? This is the question. This relies on humans to do what we do best. Recognise the truth of a problem, gather our intellect and use our ingenuity to find a solution that works.

What works in this case is something that will be undeniably better than anything that has gone before, something, which will either use existing distribution networks or won’t need them at all and something, which will be capable of being easily, quickly and incredibly cheaply available to every person on Earth.

There are glimmers. Possibilities. Maybes.

I’m being unrealistic and naive? Maybe? Well, maybe being unrealistic and naive is an essential part of making progress, of taking a huge step forward of daring to consider the impossible?


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