Stranger than Fiction

05 Oct

I never thought I’d be living in an age, which is filled with wonders, which were unthinkable in the mid sixties and early seventies. I read science fiction back then. Simple modus operandi. Head to the Town Council Library. Straight to the Science Fiction section. Select books published by Sphere take them to get stamped and hand over my tickets and away again to read them.

Some of the ideas where pretty interesting. One was about a guy who assaulted women. He was arrested and tried and found guilty. He walked out the door of the court. No prison. No social workers. Nothing like that. What he did have when he left which he didn’t have when he walked in was a ring. If he thought about assaulting women or tried to remove the ring he was wracked with pain. Simple. Sorted. Reformed.

Bladerunner is amazingly good. Doctor Who was/is good. Star Trek also. The Daleks, the Borg and the aliens out of Aliens are all the best aliens ever. However, sometimes life is stranger than fiction and vice versa.

Whilst I always hoped some of the stuff in the books would come true in my lifetime I didn’t think that the opposite would happen. How could I? How could anyone have?

We do live in science fiction times. Unfortunately science has become fiction, is based on fiction and is a far fetched as science fiction at it’s best/worst. Granted it’s not all science but it is the most talked about ands best known at the moment science. Global Warming. Climate Change. Climate disruption. It has to have lots of names because well where’s the warming? Climate always changes and disruption? Always and forever. Climate is a semi chaotic system. It’s unpredictable. There are no patterns and if any become apparent start running, or dig a big hole to hide in it won’t be pretty and it won’t have a happy ending.

The mystery is why scientists haven’t stood up to this fantasy they call science. Money? Prizes? Fear? All of those and more probably. We rely on scientists. We look up to them. We expect them to take a large part in determining our future. We expect them to tell the truth. We expect them to know stuff and wear a white lab coat and be a bit eccentric. Okay there are good and bad scientists. Rogue scientists and some that get it wrong, maybe even intentionally wrong but nothing like the grand worldwide scale that is the Global Warming Scam.

How could it go so wrong? Politicians. Greed. A bandwagon for environmentalism. NGO paradise. UN vehicle. Gravy train. Train wreck.

I also used to read DC comics.  Superman, Captain America, Ironman and Thor. What would they have made of Global Warming? They would have tracked down the perpetrators and given them a good slapping and then locked them up. Now there’s a an idea!.


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