Infinite Loop

07 Oct

Infinite Loop is the name of the street where Apples headquarters are in Cuprtino.

As you will already know, Steve Jobs died earlier this week. The real tragedy of this is that he was only 56. I’d imagine that if fate had worked out differently, he would have stayed in post for another ten years. And why not? His drive and commitment made Apple what it is today. Only time will tell of how huge his impact and day-to-day pursuit of new things really had on Apple. Whilst I’m sure that the management team will have been preparing for this eventuality, pushed on by Steve, the reality might prove to be more challenging.

Steve Jobs was reported as being a man who wanted his company’s products to be clearly the best in their market segment. They were clearly the best designed and there was a degree of innovation in a number of them.

The IPod was a big step forward as was the IPhone although I think Apple set out to design a Mac Micro, which has a phone in it. How much time do you spend calling people rather than using apps and playing games etc.? The laptops and desktops are lovely to look at. The IPad was a good starting point but it’s not reached the point where it’s an ideal tool.

Selling music, videos, films and apps have become huge profit centres for Apple. You could argue that they have become a media business rather than a hardware developer. Other businesses have been gearing up to take Apple on and they will certainly encroach into areas Apple may con sider their own. Time will tell

There are two types of IT people. There are the nuts and bolt people who are only interested in the hardware and how they connect things together, make things go faster and write code for software although not all nuts and bolts people do all of these obviously. The other type of It people are those who want to use IT as a means of improving their business or their lives or the world at large.

Steve Jobs was the latter. He wanted products, which were amazing to look at, touch and use. He wanted products, which moved the game on. He was more of a marketing/ salesman than a technical wiz. In this he succeeded. Amazingly.

My IPod Gen 5, Nano Gen 5, IPhone 4, IPad and Macbook are gorgeous. They look and feel fabulous. The IPod doesn’t always connect to the MacBook properly. The IPhone definitely has a antennae problem and the IPad doesn’t handle files well, is too heavy, not soft enough in design and we best just gloss over the Java issue.

The world needs more people in it like Steve Jobs. There are some and there will be more.   Did he change the world? Well yes, in the same way that Bill Gates, James Dyson, The Beatles, Steven Spielberg… add your own as you see fit. They all did things differently. They all delivered their “product” and touched people’s lives in a mainly positive way.

We are fortunate that humans have the capacity to progress. We rely on this progress to improve our lives. Sometimes we fall short. We still have a long way to go.

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