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09 Oct

There are a number of blogs that provide a weekend list of blogs that people have found to be interesting and want to recommend. I use them quite often and they are generally a great way of finding blogs which fit with your of way of thinking.

I thought I take that idea and alter it slightly. Hopefully you may find the following to be of interest.

I’ve made up a list of seven music tracks, one for each of the next seven days. They are very mixed in genre, age and message. I’ve added a short line or two about the song and how I came to notice it etc. So here goes…

Gomez –  How we operate

Gomez have been around for a long time and this is my favourite song of theirs. You know when you go to a gig and they play music as people come in and take their seats? Well I heard this originally whilst waiting on Tim Minchin taking to the stage. Gomez have two vocalists, one who is pretty normal and one who has the voice featured in this particular track. He looks like a bank manager and sings like… well you make up your own mind.

Wretch32 – Don’t go

I’d been hearing this on the radio over the past few weeks. It’s not really the sort of music I listen to generally but it has a lovely vocal over the song which sits very well with the main melody and lyric.

Mazzy Star – Into dust

This has been used for an advert. It’s for one of those shoot’em up console games. I shazamed it. What a wonderful tool!

Amy Winehouse – Love is a losing game

This song was being played a fair bit before her untimely death. Like pretty much everything she recorded it stands a lot of repeat listening too.

The Beach Boys – Sail on Sailor

Went to see Brian Wilson a couple of weeks ago. They did a lot of the big Beach Boys hits and a couple of the lesser know ones of which this was one. Wonderful. Brian is in a pretty terrible state and I’m just so pleased that I got to see him playing live.

Peter Gabriel – Mirrorball

This song is a cover from his last album. It was originally written by Elbow with the lyrics by Guy Garvey. This version really makes the lyrics stand out.

Laura Marling – Sophia

This is from her new album. The harmonies are fabulous. Okay she sounds like Joni Mitchell but she writes good stuff.

The only music programme left on TV is Jools Holland. It’s a great source of new bands and bands which are different. Eclectic. It’s worth a watch.

Incidentally, the music used which the BBC used when they were advertising their programmes about the Scottish Parliament Elections was by Arcade Fire and called Rebellion. The lyrics for the section they used are “Lies, lies…” Someone with a sense of humour choose it?

So there you have it. Sample them at Itunes or Amazon MP3 or whatever music streaming site you use and enjoy.

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