Weather blether.

12 Oct

As I write this there’s a howling gale blowing outside although it’s not raining. This may well change however, before I get to the end of this short blog post (it actually did rain).

It wasn’t an ideal summer. A bit wet although it did manage to be sunny for maybe two to three weeks. We shouldn’t complain then. As I’ve previously mentioned the weather in Scotland takes up a lot of time since we have to moan a lot about it. Seems fair really, unless it raining obviously.

Part of the time we spend considering the weather at Chez Tedious Tantrums, is taken up by looking at forecasts. We have a weather station thing, which has a wee box we put in the covered side bit of the house. It sends a signal to the display unit and tells us the temperature and pressure. It has a wee frog thing that changes from being happy to sad depending on what’s happening pressure wise. That’s not enough though. We also check IPhone weather apps, Twitter feeds and websites all in an effort to do stuff appropriate for the prevailing weather. Mrs TT and I aren’t obsessed with the weather, honest.

We also watch the various weather forecasts on TV at news times. Things have gone a bit strange with these however. That very enthusiastic chap on the BBC in London hasn’t been on for ages. He was good because even if he ways saying it was going to be a couple of feet of snow tomorrow you felt better about it because he did it with such enthusiasm and panache.

On the BBC weather bit we have Stav and Chris. Nice enough chaps I’m sure but we’ve become accustomed to better here in Scotland. The loss of Judith Ralston, Gail McGrane and Gillian Smart, who all went on maternity leave at the same time, is still felt heavily (pretty poor excuse from them to stop doing the weather though). People tended to take more interest in the weather when Judith came on although they seemed to remember less once she had finished the update.

We also have “thon wee Cubie lassie” or Cat Cubie as her parents named her rather less accurately. During the Edinburgh Festival “thon wee Cubie lassie” ran away to the circus. I know! It shocked me I can tell you. Go on the telly and talk about the weather or get changed into a spangled sort of one piece sort of thingy and dangle from swings and ropes high up in a tent full of foreigners. Tricky choice really. She’s not on as often now. She probably has had hundreds of offers from circuses all around the world to dangle from swings and ropes high up in tents in more exotic locations than Edinburgh. Is there a more exotic location than Edinburgh?

The wonder is that our new, still shiny and giggly government hasn’t addressed the issue. Scotland’s weather deserves a firm hand, which is why Judith was so, spot on. I’m sure the Scottish Government will debate this very soon. Perhaps they could issue a request for potential weather ladies to make themselves known. Candidates should be like Judith but not too much like Judith (as there can be only one Judith). Perhaps with a touch of spangled circusness  No overt hand wavers however and I’m sure we can all live without the shiny ill fitting suits of the chaps at the moment. Sorry guys.


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