Green grow the children oh

13 Oct

I’m working from the lounge for a few days as we have a new kitten and that’s where she’s living until an acceptable level of peace can be negotiated between the new wee, tiny kitten and our considerably bigger existing cat. UN negotiators need not apply. They just don’t have the skills.

Anyway, working in the lounge affords me a reasonable street view and at least three times a day it’s cabaret time. Mummies, Daddies, Grannies, Grandads, Uncles, Aunts, partners, brothers, sisters, next-door neighbours, friends, friends of friends, official child carers and Uncle and Aunty Tom Cobbly and all take primary and nursery children to the school nearby. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about the ensuing chaos and danger, which it causes. Like all things though there are deeper issues.

Yesterday the school had it’s great unfurling of their latest Green Flag. A man in a suit raised the flag although he had to have help from the Jannie. (Well if you go to work in a suit your brain isn’t suited (glorious pun that) to manual, complicated tasks). A Teacher said some words and the kids cheered as required, altogether a reasonable thing to do? It’s keeping people in jobs after all. The school has to provide evidence of their “greenness” and somebody from a green organisation has to evaluate it and award a flag. There can’t be much wrong with that?

Well yes and no. Surely it depends on the amount of time the “environment” is afforded in the school day? There’s also the niggling thought that there may be some propagandising going on too? The carbon foot print and waste issues certainly form a part of what they do.

The schools carbon footprint is enormous. It is huge. It is bigger than a very big carbon thing. The number of car journeys required to take kids to school is huge! Not only is this a carbon issue, or I should say for those who think a trace gas, which is very good for plants and forms such a microscopic part of the atmosphere poses a threat to the Earth. Not a threat to humans however, we are dispensable, there is child safety which I’ll cover in a further blog shortly.

So their green efforts, kept within a reasonable part of the school day, are doomed before they start. They also seem to be able to spread litter around liberally too. It’s good that children learn about the environment but it needs to be kept in proportion and not interfere with their education, which will ensure they are employable in the future. The environment needs protecting from misuse and abuse, however, mother nature has a way of doing things which has worked for a very, vey long time.

We have to have children being properly educated for work as they are going to be paying the taxes, which will provide my pension. At this point you will probably have reservations that this will happen for yourself. I’m not counting on that to actually happen either. I think I’ll be working until a retirement age over 70 at least.

What happens when all the schools have green flags? Will they develop Green flags with fringes which schools only get if they complete a higher level of green adherence? And then it’ll be a green flag with gold tassles for an even higher level. And so on and so forth.

Where will it end? Easy. When the money they get runs out.

What a warming (further glorious pun) thought to end on.


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