What’s to do?

14 Oct

Barack Obama (BO) is on a slippery slope. His ratings are very low, his popularity is waning and he looks as if he’s lost his Mo Jo.  What’s to do?

I think the “what’s to do” reaction started a few months ago. Suddenly we had the “I’ve found it” moment when his birth certificate was suddenly released to the press. Then a matter of days later it was the ‘I’ve found him” moment when they found Osama Bin Laden and killed him. Neither of these helped his case unless you were/are a BO supporter. There were too many questions left unanswered. The timing was just too fortuitous, although coincidences do happen which are stranger than fiction.

The latest attempts to be seen to be doing something are the job stimulus packages. They are delivered by BO in the terms of they are a great idea, they will work, things will be much better. And of course, he dares the Republicans not to back them. In this way he can accuse them of stopping his attempts to sort things out and help those poor unemployed American citizens.

The Republicans won’t fall for this since he’s already tried this approach and it didn’t work. He’s already tried to manoeuvre the Republicans into supporting this type of thing and that didn’t worked before. So what can he do?

What does any politician hope for in times like these? A disaster or a war. A disaster is hard to accomplish because it’s almost always unforeseen so you can’t bank on one happening. You might feel able to judge that one is bound to come along because of statistical evidence but you can’t bet your house on it. No. This just isn’t good enough.

When their power and popularity were waning Mrs Thatcher and George W Bush struck it lucky. The Argentinians invaded the Falklands and Al Qaeda destroyed the Twin Towers. Both of them then swung into Statesman mode and responded. Their electability soared. The rest as they say is history.

The likelihood is that BO won’t have this type of luxury so “What’s to do?”

Earlier this week the MSM reported that Tehran was behind an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington. Iran deny this. The Saudis are ticked off. Sanctions to start with. Then…

It seems ridiculous to even consider that any politician would contemplate getting into any war, unless there is a good or clear cause or threat. To an etent some politicians have learned this lesson or their advisers have come up with a better plan.

The civil war in Libya provides a template does it not? Support one side for your own purposes. Provide funds and technical know-how. Don’t put your own troops on the ground.  Sounds like a plan? Like it’s been used before? Well yes but now the new updated version has a UN resolution to back your efforts and then you use your air power to support your “Allies” on the ground. No body bags being flown home. No seriously injured and no disfigured and/or amputees.

Whilst Iran may need a slap I can’t see the above working. However, re-election desperation might lead to some sort of response, as a means to provide the stage required to prove ones statesmanship and election winning leadership.

But who knows? The question still remains. What’s to be done?  The real answer is nothing. The real answer is things should have been done by now which demonstrated aptitude and skill. They haven’t and won’t be. Get used to it. There are bound to be a couple of books in it and lots of speaking engagements.

Will BO settle for that?








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