The Eton Boat Song featuring MC Call Me Dave

15 Oct

This post was originally written for the Subrosa blog and is reproduced here with permissions.

By means of an introduction let me explain.

For some bizarre reason, which has become lost in the mists of time when I was very small in the late 50’s, my Mother sang the Eton Boat Song to me to quieten me down. Now on the face of it that would give you the impression that we were well to do, well the truth is that we were well mannered and law abiding but fairly poor. The only connection between my family and the Eton Boat Song is the song.

I’ve been known to write the odd parody and the combination of the Eton Boat Song and our very own Call me Dave, the latest Old Etonian Prime Minister, seems too much to ignore. And lo it became so.

My names David Cameron

But you can call me Dave

I’m surrounded by policemen

To make sure people behave

I’m your Prime Minister

I lead the country for you

I fight your corner

Unless it’s against the EU

Georgie boy deals with the budget

He is one of my chums

He’s had to re-plan and fudge it

Because he’s not that good with sums

Mervyn King will solve it

He’ll make money out of thin air

Taxpayers pay for it

I think that it’s only fair.

There’s been a few wee issues

Foxy has egg on his face

Theresa and Ken needed tissues

The LidDems have been a disgrace

But I am the main man

So I won’t be taking the blame

Lining my packets

I’ll just keep playing the game

The riots are past now oh goodie

They gave me a jolly big fright

I know I said please hug a hoodie

In hindsight that wasn’t too bright

The Police were a real disappointment

Passively standing around

The hoodies looted to contentment

Knowing they’d make a few pound.

The EU is almost in tatters

No one knows what they should do

It’s always been governed by nutters

None with the slightest clue

The Greeks have no money

The Irish and Italians too

It would be really funny

But who pays the bill? It’s you!

Parliaments got three years to go now

With Nick and his pals what a chore.

With luck they’ll expire in big row

No more dealing with Vince the bore.

Continuing the wind fad

Maintaining a good subsidy

Making money for Sam’s Dad

More inheritance for me.

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