Peados and villians.

17 Oct

This is a short return to the topic of the local primary school and the delivery and collection of children during a normal school day. You may have read the green article I did previously which mentioned the huge carbon footprint the school has due to children being dropped of by car.

The current pupil role is around 400 and even if an estimated 20% of pupils were delivered by car that’s 80 car journeys. That’s 80 cars that are parked or stop in the street outside. That’s 80 cars driving along the school road. Apart from the appalling and selfish driving I don’t mind this at all.

Why do parents take their kids to school by car? They might get wet and dissolve? They may not have enough stamina to walk there? It’s just too far to walk? Parents don’t have time to walk kids to school because they start work early? Parents don’t have the stamina to walk to school and back at least twice a day? Some parents can’t be arsed walking to and from school? Probably all or some or one of those I’d suggest.

However, a lot of parents do walk their children to school. Is this necessary? Not only do they do this but they also hang about in the playground until the bell rings and the children go in.

Let’s cut to the chase. We all know the real reason. A lot of parents drive and walk their kids to and from school because it’s safer to do so. Safer from what? Well getting run down by all of these parents driving their kids to school for a start? Safer from all the pollution because parents drive their kids to school in their cars?

But this still isn’t the real reason. The safety concerns they mainly have are that a peado will steal their child. So the perceived concern is that peados are rife and there are at least one on every street corner. I had understood that peados tended to abuse family members in particular so they might well be the one driving the car taking the kids to school?

Our government will protect our children though wont they? Well no. The Police? Absolutely not. I don’t think the Government and the Police can have it both ways. Either our country is a safe place to live in and they’ve done their job to reduce the risks to safety for us all and should come out and say so repeatedly until the message gets through or they should fess up and admit they haven’t and do something which addresses peoples fears and makes our country a safe place to live for everyone, children included.

They won’t though will they? Maintaining an element of fear makes them needed. The MSM don’t help either but they have papers to sell and listeners and viewers to attract.

So, maybe the Police should stop harassing the public in general and concentrate on making our country safe by targeting the people most likely to offend? . Or maybe parents should allow their kids the same freedoms they had when they were young?

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