Serve, protect and enhance our lives.

18 Oct

You’ve already heard all about the chap who had the audacity to take a photograph of his child eating an ice cream in a shopping centre. The involvement of the mall security people and then the police is completely ridiculous but it demonstrates where we are with these sorts of situations and officials. The Police have been unable to apologise without suggesting that there were other deeper issues prevailing. The likelihood is that the chap involved will sue them and the taxpayer, that’s you and me, will end up footing the bill.

Somewhere along the line governance has swung significantly and dangerously towards those governing or carrying out governance on the states behalf and significantly lessened the freedoms of those being governed.  I have a simple approach to people who say this is a good thing, show me someone who is happy to give away personal freedoms and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t deserve them. Obviously I paraphrase from something said by someone far cleverer than me.

So we may have issues with the police and security people. The way we are treated at airports is completely ridiculous. Who is it to protect? Us? Really? We are harassed by security people. We are subject to rules, regulations, call them what you will, based on historical events. The introduction of profiling should have made life easier for the majority of travelers but in fact has made it worse. Try asking questions about what is happening and why at an airport and you’ll really see how their profiling works. Question them and they will react in a way, which is not positive for you. The same attitude as the “Braehead photographer” has been subjected to.

Then there is the report last week on the fraud perpetuated by lawyers in Scotland who have taken unfair advantage and profited from the Scottish Legal Aid system. Fourteen solicitors have reportedly been investigated for legal aid fraud but no one has been charged, no one has been named and no one has been suspended. What about the police part in all of this? They have investigated. The justice system has processed no one. The Law Society of Scotland has not struck anyone off, millions of pounds gone with no one to blame and no one at fault.

How about science? Well, where to start. Five a day? A marketing slogan. Drink more water so your brain is more effective? Complete balderdash, although this is still being encouraged in some schools no less. Global warming fantasy? Science? There used to be more science in those small science experiment kits that came in a card box for kids Christmas than these global warming scientists ever use now.

How about the smoking ban and the resulting and undoubted health benefits? One of the main successes, which has been widely reported, is that of the reduction of asthma attacks for children. Dr. Jill Pell of the University of Glasgow produced a paper containing a graph, which quite clearly shows a drop in the number of hospital admissions for children suffering from asthma attacks since the smoking ban took effect. Now doesn’t that make you feel much better about the world? A problem identified and solved by our government and confirmed by scientists. Unfortunately, the actual REAL data provided by the NHS in Scotland shows no such reduction. None. No MSM headlines about that though.

I could go on at some length about the failures of the professions, public bodies and government and their zeal to increase onerous regulation on the general public.

Who is to blame? Well us. You and me. We allow it to take place and we do nothing about trying to change things. There is further mitigation however. The Police, lawyers, scientists, etc. are recognised as being professionals. That smacks of them being better than us who aren’t “professionals”. Part of “professional status” is defined by those professionals having honesty and integrity. There are always bad apples but there is surely a much greater core of people who live up to the ethics of their profession. That being the case why are the silent majority sitting back and allowing these bad apples to sully their “profession’? The good core should be more vocal should they not?

Everyone is responsible for the continuance of the ethics and morality within our society, which ensures we live our lives in a governance system, which is designed to serve, protect and enhance the lives of the population as a whole.

If only…

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