I’m sorry the service you provided was rubbish.

21 Oct

Mary Queen of Shops was on TV last night. She appears to have the magic touch as far as seeking stuff in shops is concerned although her growing celebrity status may be helping just a tad or several. Her approach to selling within House of Fraser certainly brought in the money and her customers seemed very happy with what they bought and the overall experience of shopping there.

She did a series previously where she went to a shop as a secret shopper and recorded the service she was provided with or not as the case maybe. The business owners of the particular shops she visited were in on it of course and she then went on to advise them on how to improve their customer service levels.

Customer service levels, what a nice, easy and simple term to trot out. You may also have heard the oft repeated phrase “The customer is King”? Thought so. And how many times have you felt like a king when spending your hard earned cash? Often? Not that often? Very rarely?

Like all things there are the good and the are the bad. In some stores, service is great and in others not so good to non-existent. To some degree we at least have a choice. We can choose not to go back to any purveyor of fine goods and the like where we have experienced less than the expected regal service or we can complain at the time of the poor service taking place.

I am dreadfully sorry. I used extremely bad language there. I said the “complain” word. We don’t do that. Well we don’t do it until we have reached that point in our lives when we feel comfortable critically commenting, in a very loud voice, on a stranger who is well within earshot.

No we don’t complain. We do apologise though. We apologise because the device, food, service we have received hasn’t been up to scratch. Or we just leave. W let them f the hook.

We should complain more. We are paying for something, be it a flat sausage roll at a roadside van or a three-course meal in Fortnum & Masons. The level of cost to us, and the service we then receive may differ substantially between establishments but if we are not served as we expect we should complain.

Let’s drive an increase in complaining. Next time something isn’t as you expected say so. Stay calm, don’t be aggressive or abusive but make your point. If you can’t do that then write a letter to someone senior in the organisation you feel have treated you badly.

How about we make sure we complain once next week and definitely every time we encounter poor goods or service? That would be step one. Step two would be to encourage our friends and family to do the same thing. Step three is encouraging your friends and family to urge their friends and family to complain when they get poor service. Sound familiar? It’s similar to pyramid selling or a ponzi scheme except it’s positive rather than negative.

Go on…. Do it! You know you want to.

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