Tha’s twenty minutes of my life gone that I’ll never get back.

28 Oct

Once again I fell upon Question Time last night but, only for twenty minutes. It seems to be a shadow of it’s previous self when Robin Day was the anchor/host/chairperson/presenter. That aside the panel were pretty uninspiring. Iain Duncan Smith looked totally stunned most of the time, Nigel Farage didn’t seem to get much of a chance to speak, Gloria De Piero the Labour person trotted out the usual garbage and Jo Swinson… talked endlessly, as David Dimbleby either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop her.

The panel were still in denial. The EU is a good thing. We can’t rock the boat at this moment. There will be a referendum if the treaty is changed. At one point Jo Swinson was talking about voting with the whip. She could do this with a clear conscience since the LibDem manifesto said the EU was a good thing. Dellusional?

She then went on to say that if it had been a free vote it would have been a matter for individual MPs to vote as their views dictated. Oh really? MPs are in parliament because a majority of voters in their constituency voted for them. They are sent to Westminster to represent the constituency. In an ideal world they would canvass the opinions of their constituency voters and having identified the most popular voters option vote accordingly.  They would be welcome to voice their own opinions but that is all they would be, opinions.

Jo also said that people weren’t happy with the “political class” and MPs  in particular. Well she got that right at least although what an arrogant term that is. Mind you that phrase sits very nicely with the majority view of MPs that they know better than you and me, the voters. They know better about the EU.

Everyone apart from Nigel F thought it was a good thing to be in the EU, that we should play a leadership role in it. More of the same apart from a few throw away lines about “renegotiating” or taking advantage of the current situation to further the UKs aims.

It’s like you’re sitting in the bar and everything appears fine although you’ve noticed smoke and flames coming from the lounge next door. You ignore the flames and smoke for a while and then decide that the most productive thing you could do is to set fire to the bar, making sure that your own chair is burning brightly. Don’t phone for the fire brigade though, phone for the largest petrol tanker full of the most flammable liquid available you can get. Encourage all your mates to join you. If anyone tries to put the fire out, treat him or her with absolute contempt. After all you know best how to put a fire out. The fire will go out, eventually and there will be nothing left of the bar and most of the surrounding area. Result!!

The EU is a goner. They do not have enough money to reduce the debt sufficiently. Any money they use to ease the situation adds to debt elsewhere. But they are right. Unfortunately they will continue to be right until it’s far too late and they realise what they did was wrong. They won’t even give up then. Oh dear.

Print money and be damned. It’s such fun.

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