Pick of the Pops Vol 4.

30 Oct

This week I’ll start off by saying now then, now then… Jimmy Savile died yesterday as you will probably know. He helped bring popular music into mainstream through his radio show, Top of the Pops and various other activities.

This weeks music is for the most part laid back and relaxing. Consider it your very own chill out session.

All the titles below are also links although for some strange reason they aren’t displaying as such. Life is too short to waste trying to find why. They just work. Honest.

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

The saxophone riff all the way through the song is amazing. It’s a fabulous song by an artist who probably never had the recognition he deserved when he was alive.

Dave Gilmour – Red sky at night 

He prefers David now apparently, he’s more mature now since the heady days of Pink Floyd. This is a fabulous, laid-back saxophone track. Relaxing. Lying on a hot beach in the hot sun. Wonderful. Just the thing for a cold autumn or winter day to aid daydreaming perhaps?

Sting – Fragile

This is a pretty old song, which Sting has reinvented a few times since he originally wrote and recoded it. It was originally written as a tribute to Ben Linder, an American civil engineer who was killed by the Contras in 1987 while working on a hydroelectric project in Nicaragua.

The Blue Nile – The Downtown Light

A Scottish band of towering ability and the highest standards of production. They recorded on the Linn record label. That’s the same Linn as makes and sells high end hi-fi equipment. Over the years The Blue Nile have released a few albums but at a frustratingly slow rate. This track sums up their talents, for me at least.

Craig Armstrong – The balcony scene

Craig is a highly successful movie sound track composer. This track is from Romeo and Juliet and is pretty amazing. My wife and I chose this along with three other of his compositions as the music for our wedding.

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Do anything you wanna do

From the punk era which favoured musicians with little in the way of playing ability. The American punk bands had a lot more musical ability and this is such a band. I remember this track most fondly from the Ferry fair at the Hawes car park back in the 70’s. The jungle ride. Looking out over the Forth at the two bridges. Worth a listen even now.

Daniel Beddingfield – If you’re not the one

We’re back in one hit territory again. That’s actually not accurate but sometimes an artist writes and records a song which is so good it eclipses anything else they have done or will do in the future. The acoustic version is the best. It’s incredibly easy to play this on a guitar, try singing it though. Oh dear.

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