Shovelling sh…snow!

01 Nov

A leaflet came into my possession. Now that is Earth shattering news. The leaflet was produced by Edinburgh Council. Now the Council isn’t renowned for doing great things. Just last week we were told that the planned changes to bin collections was being delayed in order for a closer look to be taken as to the benefits of maintaining the current in-house service.

The new service had been defined, gone through a tendering process and a preferred bidder chosen. This would have greatly simplified the bin collection  from a recycling point of view. Less bins, less sorting and whilst the collections were fortnightly they were to alternate between rubbish and recycling. It works in other areas, the tendering had produced a result and the councilors stopped it. Any chance someone could sort out Edinburgh Council anytime too?

Back to the leaflet. It’s entitled “Be prepared for winter”. On the face of it that’s fine. It has loads of contact numbers if things get very white.  This could well be useful for people if it gets very white like last year. Good!

Given the shambles of last years snow response with a strategy based on global warming lies it was no surprise that chickens of the headless variety were rushing about achieving very little. You would hope that this would focus minds and for a more robust response to be developed which is scalable and appropriate.

The leaflet then. They invite you to become a Volunteer Snow Warden (VSW) who will be their “eyes and ears”, kind of sounds a bit East German Secret Police from the 80’s but I’m sure that’s not the case.  The VSWs will help marshal snow clearing efforts in their local area. That worries me a bit. If I don’t rush out and clear my path and the pavements in front of the house, will a VSW knock on the door and suggest I do?

Now, it’s all very well getting a reminder to clear my path but what if I just don’t know how to do it? No worries there the leaflet tells me what to do and I quote –

  • Wear warm clothes and footwear with a good grip. Don’t take risks on the road and wear visible clothing so you can be seen.
  • Try to clear snow or ice early. It’s easier to move loose snow and the sun will help melt ice.
  • Clear a small path down the middle of the pavement for s safe surface to walk on then shovel from the centre to the kerbside. Don’t block paths, driveways or drains.
  • Use salt or sand – not water, as it will freeze. Ordinary table salt can be used but you can buy rock salt from DIY shops. Use more salt on steps and steep pathways. Sand gives good grip but won’t stop the path icing over.

Helpfully though, they also clarify that there is no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice from pavements.

I don’t know about you, but I sort of picked up path clearing skills as I needed. It’s not really rocket science.

No mention of taking care if you are pushing a car in snow or ice. No mention of having alternative light or heating sources if there are also power cuts. No mention of additional care of pets if they can’t be let out.

They don’t mention 4×4 vehicles at all. Last year they asked for people with 4×4 vehicles to come forward and help them ferry stuff between Council Offices. These would be the very same 4×4 drivers who they were at the time and continue to do so now, picking on by charging them more money for parking etc. based on global warming lies.

Who knows what the winter will bring. It may results in some good blogging though. It’s an ill wind and all that…


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