St Pauls conversion.

03 Nov

St Pauls has a lot going for it. It’s a wonderful place to visit and the Crypt Café is pretty wonderful, if expensive too. Over the past couple of weeks or so I dare say things haven’t been quite as nice there. The mess that this has become is pretty strange.

The protestors were encouraged to go there when the original venue for their protests declined them access. The church, being sympathetic to the protestor’s aims, became involved and so far it has cost two members of the church hierarchy their jobs.

Unfortunately for everyone involved capitalism underpins not just St Pauls but their religion also. No point in arguing about it. That’s just how it is. St Paul needs people to walk through the door and hand over some money for entry to the more interesting bits not to mention donate. Similarly they really need people to spend money on food and maybe even buy something in the gift shop.

The protestors I’m not sure about. The crank out some spanking banners with clever one-liners on them. Clever young things no doubt create them. They do a good interview for the BBC news. They look the part and argue the toss. However, as my Scottish Grannie would have said “Why are they no at their work?”

Good question.

Are the protestors on extended holidays? If so who is paying for it? Them? Are they skiving? If so who is paying for it? Them? Do they never work at all? Who is subsidising them? Are they between jobs and accepting support from the state? Taxpayers are paying them to be there then. Perhaps they are still in education, college or University? Perhaps they are from wealthy families? Perhaps they have already accrued loadsa money? Maybe they barter to exist? Maybe a relative left them a nest egg? Maybe they won the lottery or other game of chance?

However they got the money to survive has relied on someone to come up with an idea, exploit the idea, get it to market and then sell it to enough people to create some wealth. The stock market does the same thing in a slightly different way. Wealth creation is what we are all engaged in one way or another. The protestors rely on this. There is little if any alternative.

The current type of capitalism isn’t perfect, far from it, especially when Uncle Tom Cobly and all are mucking about with the rules and printing money like there’s no tomorrow. The trouble is there will be no tomorrow if they didn’t get their act together.

The whole thing is a mess. For two men to have lost their jobs seems a particularly high price to pay. For St Pauls to have lost a significant amount of money also seems a particularly high price to pay

The protestors? Some might have lost a few days wages which, to be fair, may be a big deal for them. The reality may be somewhat different however. Perhaps it has cost very little for the protestors. Perhaps there are more than a few who are professional protestors and his is another part of their world tour of demonstrations and topics?

Everyone is just waiting for the Police to move in. Great TV News pictures. The morally correct protestors down trodden, manhandled by the Polis but not bowed. Oh no. There will be another protest along directly.

For the two chaps that lost their jobs at St Pauls? A conversion and no mistake. No doubt they’ll find further employment within their church. Maybe they would do things differently if they had the chance again. Maybe they will.

The lasts is that the protestors are negotiating a stay of execution until after Xmas. What a wonderful way of spending Xmas. It will be party time big style for them. They’ll be saying – Look at us. We live outside of your silly laws. We are untouchable. We are right. We have the moral high ground.

The crowd will swell. More people will go there everyday.

There will be a hard core in the crowd who will not leave no matter what has been negotiated and agreed. They will want a confrontation. What will the present leaders of the protest do about that? Agree the police should be used? Stand back and watch?  Another conversion, from protestor to siding with the authorities. Now there’s a dilemma.

We can all sit at home and watch it on our TVs courtesy of the BBC who will side with the protestors. That is of course the same BBC that we fund to a scale so lavish and wasteful it’s national disgrace.

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