Troy Story

04 Nov

And lo it came to pass that great leaders in the West looked upon small Greece in the East with rancor and bile. For Greece was a plucky wee country within which lived a race much given to independence and choice; independence in choosing which laws to follow and choice of which taxes to pay or not.

The great leaders in the East had watched form afar as Greece spent riches far beyond it’s means and borrowed from the money lenders on the steps of the great churches of St IMF, and St Central Bank of Europe. The moneylenders were of course canny and cruel, extending funds to Greece in a manner which ensured the people of Greece would have to toil in squalor for many years to pay back the debts.

The Greeks fell back upon the Great Leaders from the East and showed them the error of the Greeks ways whilst also prophesising great doom, gloom and pestilence for the friends of the Great Leaders also.

The Great Leaders of the East were two in number, the great woman warrior Angela Merkel (Merkel the Magnificent) who led the Germanic tribes and diminutive Nicolas Sarkozy (Wee in stature but huge in, well nobody really knows but he has a pretty wife so there!) leader of the Gauls.

These Great Leaders were not without problems of their own. Merkel the Magnificent was becoming less powerful and the Germanic people were questioning the increasingly large quantities of gold and treasures she was giving away to other countries. Wee Nick held sway with the Gauls but only as a long as he kept those who toil in the soil, the learners of great wisdom and the men of the black arts who controlled the skies in gold, jewels and fine garments.

The Great Leaders of the East were also besieged by other countries who had similarly spent lavishly and with abandon.  The very system of trade which the Greater Leaders of the East had devised, to bring them such prizes as had never been seen before was under threat. The Great Leaders of the East decided to teach the Greeks a lesson, which would also make others take note of their powers and ruthlessness.

The Great Leaders sent envoys to the Greeks and offered them much wealth, which would reduce their debt by half. They called this The Tri-Regulatory Offer Justifying Aid Needed. And once again it came to pass and The Greeks debated the offer. But then their Leader Papandreou, with purpose and cunning, asked the Greek people to seek their agreement to enter into this offer, which would deliver them to drudgery, hunger and poverty

At this the Great Leaders of the West became very angry. They raged for many hours and sent envoys to the Greeks with threats of retribution. They raged that the Greeks would be cast aside and made to make their own way in the world without gold or coins to buy food and goods with

Still the Papandreou stood his ground. The people must speak. Men of lesser wisdom in Greece plotted to over throw Papandreou the Confident.

But before Papandreou could do anything further he found his palaces and building of Government had been taken over by the Grey Men of the church of St IMF. The most feared men in known civilisation. The Grey Men had taken over all positions of power within the various ministries of the Greek state and Papandreou had become powerless.

In his rage Papandreou demanded to know how the Grey Men had been able to take control. He wanted to know what was to become of the Tri-Regulatory Offer Justifying Aid Needed.

Do not worry the Grey Men said your future is assured. You are a member of a great family and you will not be allowed to fail, Your people will live in penury for a long time but then they will eventually be able to return to great times where everything is plentiful.

But what of the Tri-Regulatory Offer Justifying Aid Needed? I’ll sign, I’ll sign wailed Papandreou.

The Tri-Regulatory Offer Justifying Aid Needed the Grey Men responded? There never was a Tri-Regulatory Offer Justifying Aid Needed. This was our TROJAN Hoax. It was merely a way of tricking the markets into thinking we had enough money to sort out your mess.

And lo they all lived unhappily ever after.



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2 responses to “Troy Story

  1. Anndra Moireach (@AnndraMoireach)

    November 4, 2011 at 8:20 am

    Wonderful interpretation of today’s Greek Tragedy.


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