Top of the Pops Vol 5

06 Nov

70’s disco for you to enjoy.

The mid to late seventies was an interesting point in my life. I played in a band and had a social life, which was… well, tiring. My friends and I had a few places we frequented when playing them as venues or as time allowed after band commitments. Just to clarify, it was a band that gigged not a band the played cabaret, dances or weddings. On no, that was below us. I practiced with a wedding band a couple of times but threw in the towel following various hallucinations where I played Tie a Yellow Ribbon and wore the same matching outfit as the other band members. Shudder! The band I was in played covers mostly of heavy rock, prog and our own stuff and anything else was as seen as selling out.

But I digress. Out haunts were Waves, The King Malcolm and the Kinema in Dunfermline, a hotel in the Crook of Devon, the wee disco at the Hotel beside the Forth Road Bridge car park, The Muscular Arms in Edinburgh and sometimes Glasgow, The Manique Falkirk, The Redcroft in Bo’ness and the Black Bitch in Linlithgow.

The following tunes reflect those times and innovatively, I’ve added links to videos rather than websites.

The first two remind me of the Kinema and Waves. Waves was usually fairly busy with RN sailors (no that’s not the reason we went there!) and it was quite a small space.  The Kinema was huge and they’d pull a big curtain over to make it more atmospheric and at times heated it with two calor gas fires.

Boogie Ooge Oogie – A taste of Honey

Boogie nights – Heatwave

The next was very popular and we used to marvel at the sheer number of members in the band. When they gigged they must have been paid about 50P each!

Boogie wonderland – Cool and the Gang

The next two belong to the disco at the Forth Road Bridge, long since demolished. The first one played one Thursday evening I was there with a young lady and we were the only people there apart from the DJ and bar staff. I kid you not.

The second one was played one eventful Saturday evening, which was “heaving”. I went with a smashing young lady who had a Mini and had driven us there. On the way home one of the front tyres blew out right beside Champanys restaurant and we came to rest in the bus stop across the road. It was pouring of rain. Champanys weren’t keen to let us use their telephone but eventually did and her Dad came and took us home but not before she’d lost a very expensive contact lens. Successful night out then? Not.

The second one obviously isn’t disco but it was played at discos would you believe..

When I need you – Leo Sayer

New Kid in Town – The Eagles

The next two were huge and they played everywhere you went.

Do the Hustle – Van McCoy

Car wash – Rose Royce



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2 responses to “Top of the Pops Vol 5

  1. Conan the Librarian

    November 6, 2011 at 11:31 am

    I remember the “Motel” disco well. One of the bouncers there was “Spider” Reid who was a friend of mine. He was an ex-boxer, briefly Scottish champion. The Kinema and Waves were haunts too, but being a biker, to save getting dressed up we used to go to the Kingis Neuk in Kirkaldy were the rule was strictly heavy metal/ prog rock.

    • Tedious Tantrums

      November 6, 2011 at 1:51 pm

      Cool. I forgot it was the Motel. It used to be packed most nights it was open. easy parking right at the door. can’t remember there being any bother but it was a long time ago.


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