Sent her right to lead the Tories.

07 Nov

It was no surprise to hear the results of the Scottish Tories leader contest. The shoe-in won. “Call me Daves” preferred candidate. Ruth Davidson won the ballot and at the same time the Tory Party in Scotland fumbled the ball and increased the likelihood of an internal war. Whilst Ms Davidson is talking “radical” changes I think the resulting changes, which she instigates, will not go nearly far enough and a completely new centre right party may well emerge. A Centre Right Party without any allegiance to Westminster, without the baggage that “Call me Dave” will carry? Let’s hope. Let’s also hope that it will campaign on distinct issues also. Okay, perhaps too much to ask for.

It seems clearer by the day, that any political party targeting success in Scotland is going to have to be Scottish. Ms Davidson has already stated her strategy for the continuation of the Union which will be to demonstrate how Scotland will be stronger by staying in this magical Union. At a stroke she has shown that she is Westminster centric and her complete lack of understanding of where Scottish politics has reached. Murdo Fraser, one of her rivals for the leadership, had the right answer; completely re-hash the party in Scotland and come back rebranded and clearly Scottish.

Of course Ms Davidson isn’t the only party leader in Scotland facing oblivion? Step forward the not yet elected leader of the Labour Party. Whilst also waiting in the wings is Willie Rennie who presently leads the Lib Dems. They are all rooted in Westminster. This will no longer wash with the Scottish electorate. No more of this “Scotland freeloads on England” nonsense. No more misleading and questionable narratives about the value of the Union. The time for all of those is past.

The political party who will emerge, as the best choice for the Scottish people, hasn’t been formed yet. The SNP will have to go through the same re-invention following independence. They may well have to fight at least one new party who are also committed to independence in the run up to Independence itself. I’ve no doubt Alex will have considered this and have a wee plan up his sleeve. It might not be enough though Alex.

What Alex does have is a massive war chest. Over £2 Million!!! That’s enough to make the other political parties in the entire UK sit up and take notice. I don’t think that it will end there either. £2.5 – £3.5 million? That’s going to buy a lot of leaflets, posters, adverts and cover expenses, support candidates etc. etc.

Alex needs to deliver cultural change. Cultural change which changes our national psyche. We need to change attitudes to alcohol, get rid of this stupid religious divide once and for all, get out of the unaffordable energy nonsense and get out of the EU. Just for starters. None of the current much talked about policies will get close to these never mind achieve them.

We don’t need to be world leaders in anything. We do need to be a great country for the Scottish people to live and work in with wonderful education, innovative businesses and small government with low taxes. We also need a boost to our confidence resulting in a collective awareness of “anything and everything is possible” for everyone living in this wonderful country of OURS.


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