Not tonight Angela I ‘ave ze ‘eadache.

12 Nov

Napoleon Sarkozy, not his real name obviously but that’s who he feels he now is, sits at his desk in Paris and considers his place in the world. He is a pretty happy little apprentice dictator. Only yesterday he sat down with his good friend and co-conspirator Angela Merkel and discussed their progress in building a new Europe. Not just A New Europe, a new improved Europe, which will be fully integrated and be completely subsumed and controlled by Germany and France.

What a few weeks it has been. The media are so busy reporting on the silly markets and financial irrelevances that they have completely missed the takeover of two sovereign state governments in the space of just two days. This particularly excites Angela. The dreadful frustrations of the aims of Germany following military defeats in two huge wars now being slowly avenged through the use of sheer financial might! Financial blitzkrieg! Wunderbar! Oh the joy of it. No bloodshed or infrastructure destruction. At last the great German ambition to create an empire, which will include all of Europe, and which will threaten the USA is increasingly within reach. What joy and so easily done!

Napoleon, whilst wary of Angela, is happy to partner her and her country’s further ambitions. He envies the way in which the German Left have taken over their government departments and pushed their own planned agenda whilst slowly building their industrial and financial might. The use of the environment is a master stoke allowing the undermining of the capitalist system in so many countries. That Germans control so many of the environmental organisations around the world in one way or another is very impressive. It is a beautiful plan. It will have even more beautiful results and France will sit as an equal with Germany and reap the rewards, which that will bring.

He wonders to himself if he should consider changing his name from Nicholas to Napoleon? Oh how the poor, ignorant idiots will laugh at that he thinks. But he knows that they will stop laughing soon enough and have no choice but to seek his favour. After all, when Obama calls for talks nowadays he is only ever interested in speaking with Angela and I rather than involving any of the other less strategically aware EU county leaders. If truth be told, the USA is fast becoming a busted flush. Financially, Obama has made great strides in destroying all that has been good about the USA. His EPA is slowly and surely making it almost impossible for any real forms of manufacturing to take place. The regulations are mounting and firms are slowly drowning in red tape and huge energy and regulatory cost rises.

Napoleon. It has such a power to it and he will soon wield power, which the previous, far less attractive, less intellectual and less polemic ancient predecessor could have ever dreamt of. Greece and Italy consumed, Ireland and Portugal also. Spain soon. Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemberg, Austria already convinced and eager to move forward. It is in his and Angela’s grasp.

It will be particularly enjoyable to watch the UK squirm around on the periphery. David Cameron and George Osbourne? Pah! Lightweights with no political ability at all, easily side lined, no where to go and their precious stock market just waiting to be plucked from London and shared between Berlin and Paris. Oh the joy of it. Soon they’ll have to buy even more electricity at even higher rates generated from French nuclear power stations. The profits generated from British businesses owned by businesses in other EU countries will be mercilessly increased, assets sweated and little or no further investment made. This will teach the Britishers to meddle, posture and be condescending to the interests of La Belle France and the great German nation.

Give it a few months and the ex-communist states to the East will be easy pickings and then there will be Russia. Ah yes Russia. Angela is very keen indeed to squeeze Russia until it’s people squeal. The Russians will be subjected to a long slow drawn out slide into financial turmoil and ruin. Angela will offer a Treaty of Co-operation to start with just to get them onside and then, once they get a bit greedy, just pull them in and slowly take the whole country over.

This time there will be no resistance from the Russian people, no desperate retreat or humiliating defeat for the French and the Germans. Oh no.  This time the Russians will become part of the EU Empire or The Republic or the Fourth Riech depending on who wins the naming argument.

History will reflect well on us both. Can we set in train an Empire which will last a thousand years? A dynasty with me, Napoleon Sarkozy and Angela Merkel! Joint rulers. Oh let it become so.

However, perhaps Angela might choose to change her name also? What’s the German word for Empress? It’s Kaiserin. If you’re going to have an empire it’s only right you have the appropriate title to go with it. Kaiserin Angela. Napoleon Sarkozy. They have a certain ring to them do they not?

First the Empire and then the World.

Resistance is futile.

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