Top of the Pops Vol. 6

13 Nov

Hello there pop pickers. If you recognise that phrase you’ll know who’s catchphrase it was.

This weeks gems are from late 1982. I don’t know about you but I used to watch Top of the Pops avidly. I mean The Old Grey Whilst Test was where music was at but TOTP was essential viewing too. A well crafted pop song can be a real joy and TOTP was where you’d see those performers who were most popular at the time.

TOTP was pretty patchy though. Apart from the sometimes baffling use of physodelic camera work and bizarre camera angles and the like. It was reasonably watchable. To find an episode which contained songs which were all acceptable was pretty unusual. However, in November such a thing happened. I’d even gone as far as recording it on the Sony Betamax video recorder.

Anyway the first four are from that unusual; gem a Top of the Pops which every song was good. I can’t remember the rest but I’ve put another three on which were big at the time and may well have been on that particular show.

Duran Duran – Rio

Great track. Fabulous weather on the video.

Tears for Fears – Mad world

From their huge album at the time. Every song on it a gem.

Flock of seagulls – Wishing

Typical 80’s band and sound.

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

Bizarre as befits their remit really.

Clannad – Harry’s game

Haunting. I never watched the actual programme that this was the theme tune to though.

The J Geils Band – Centrefold

Interesting concept for a song. Interesting video.

Wham – Young Guns

George Michael when he still needed Andrew Ridgley to help with his confidence when he performed. George was and is a very talented musician and song writer. Least said about his private life the better maybe?

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