It’s been a toxin day again.

17 Nov

The latest gem from the BBC was that smoking in cars is very dangerous when children are on board. Again we have this mythical “second hand smoke” thing and, of course, since it’s an enclosed space the damage is even greater. There’s also a mention of toxins. These toxins present on all the surfaces of the interior of the car and in the air are transferred to the child.

The suggested solution is a complete smoking ban in private cars. Smoking fags are also distracting in cars so that’s another good reason to ban them. Sneezing, children, other people, BBC news on the car radio things happening outside the car are all distracting but they aren’t going to be banned.

Does anyone know of anyone who has died because of second hand smoke? Where are the people who have cancer because of second hand smoke? Where are the children who are seriously ill because of toxins they inhaled or ingested when in a car with someone smoking fags? Before you reach for the keyboard asthma doesn’t count.

So why am I still alive? My Dad smoked all his life. I grew up in a house where smoking took place a lot. Lots of men smoked back then and there wasn’t a week that went by when my Mum and Dads friends or relatives didn’t visit and they would smoke. People smoked in buses and trains and my Dad smoked in the car with my Mother, Sister and myself in it. No one batted an eyelid.

Going to a pub or a club and was smoky. We managed just fine. It was the norm. So for at least 20 years I was exposed to second hand smoke a big percentage of the time. Yet here I am sitting typing this. I don’t smoke. That was my choice. I don’t mind if people do. I never minded the smoking areas in restaurants. I was always appalled at the smoking areas in airports. They were squalid pens. The terrorists get taken to nice rooms, the smokers had to endure nasty smelly pens and being punished because they wanted to smoke.

At high school we had a lecture about smoking. A person came and ranted about not smoking and how smelly and dirty it was and showed us two cross sections of real lungs in glass cases. The smokers lung was brown looking and the non-smokers was red. I did mention this to my Dad. It’s a fairly effective propaganda technique used by the nanny goody two shoes brigade. Show someone a threat to their loved ones and they’ll react to try to reduce the risk. He was fairly calm and suggested that it might be more complicated then they had suggested.

My dad smoked untipped, tipped and roll-ups and even a pipe for a wee while. He saved up large quantities of Embassy coupons. He gave me the cards that sometimes came free with fags. He smoked fags in France and Spain, which were extremely smelly, but they were cheap.

Did smoking kill him? Who knows. Did it help kill him? Who knows?

The real problem here is tolerance. Over the years tolerance levels in society have slowly been ebbing away. It’s not just smoking. It’s drinking mans beer. It’s eating fatty foods. Not to mention the continuously creeping political correctness, over the top health and safety, racial issues, religious issues etc. etc.

I’ll finish with an oft-used method employed by the anti-everything brigade. They trumpet the fact (as they see it) that people who smoke and drink too much (what’s too much?) cost the national health (that’s you and me non-smokers and moderate drinkers) a fortune. Those same easy target groups pay into the NHS via the tax and duty they suffer on the fags and mans beer they buy.

The people who don’t eat properly (what ever that means and is) also cost the NHS money although a lot of the costs are apportioned to being over-weight (what’s an ideal weight?).

Way, way, way, too many nannies. Way, way, way, too many people who want nannies.

If we are old enough to pay tax we are old enough to make our own decisions and make sure we don’t impinge on the rights of our fellow citizens.

Ever heard of live and let live. Liberty? Personal responsibility?

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