And you thought life was easy

18 Nov

Life is complicated. You probably spotted that some time ago. Nothing is simple.

Except that isn’t true. We do stuff all the time which is pretty complicated but we never give it a second thought. I can prove that to you now. You will almost certainly have been driving at some point and suddenly thought “I don’t remember driving that last bit of road”. It happens once in a while. You have managed to drive for a bit without being fully in tune with actually dong it. You do it on automatic pilot.

Your brain is good at and can instantly switch you back on to driving if something needs attention. Kind of like radar like. It sounds very dangerous but it’s a well know fact that it happens. We get away with it because we are “conditioned” to do it. We do some things a lot and we become programmed to do it. Nice and simple? Only because we don;t think about it.

This sort of fascinates me. Not the doing it automatically which is pretty scary. No. It’s the bit about doing things and not really appreciating what we are actually doing. You could argue that we do it automatically without too much planning and you’d be right. What happens when you have to someone else involved? You don’t sit them down and tell them every step required to achieve the thing you want to do. Of course not. Unless, for example, they work for you in a nuclear power station or other things which put you in a spot. When there is a lot at stake we go to the lengths necessary to ensure things work.

Just to demonstrate the complications of life here’s a diagram which records the steps necessary for you to make a cup of coffee. The red steps are the steps your wife or your Scottish Granny may suggest to you as being important.

Trying adding having a biscuit or making a slice of toast too. You’ll be up to an A3 sheet of paper very quickly. Follow each step all the way through, like buying the stuff you need and recycling the packaging once you’ve used the stuff inside and you’ll be on your way to quite a few A3 sheets.

And yet we manage all that very, very easily. Well, maybe a few fallouts etc. along the way but all things considered we do okay.

Double click on the graphic below for a full size version.

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