Shooglie peg…

20 Nov

Sunday morning. In days gone by the Sunday Times would thud onto the mat and I’d make my way downstairs to get it. The pressure of having so much reading to do, such a lot of words to get through. I’d head for the kitchen and make toast and cheese with coffee and tea and either meet my wife at the dining room table or take the paper and wildly exotic food back up to bed.

I’d start with the Sunday Magazine then swap it for Style before hitting the Review section and then into Scotland before the main pages and then financials. I’d previously taken the Observer until just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and then tried Scotland and Sunday. I liked the Finance Editor in The Observer, good comment but don’t ask me to quote a single word he wrote. The Scotland on Sunday, parochial, way, way, way too feminist and poorly written.

I don’t have time to read a newspaper during a normal day. I have a book on the go constantly and I have magazines and the web oh yes and I work and blog. As I may have mentioned before I’m no fan of the BBC and BBC Scotland in particular. However, the BBC trades on it’s worldwide standing as a quality broadcaster and the implication of a chartered requirement to ensure balance.

As has been discussed in so many blogs the BBC do not know the meaning of balance, they demonstrate bias continuously. Take Friday nights news. Amongst the normal drivel we get an item on the IPCC Report, which was leaked earlier this week.  I can’t think of one report I’ve read about it from bloggers of both the warmist and sceptical sides claiming anything other than it’s a major pull back and the extravagant claims of the past years have not just been dropped they’ve run away at some speed from them, apart from the rent seekers anyway.

The BBC News at 6:00 have a different view. We are to expect many more extreme weather events. Cue pictures of flood, famine, drought etc. etc. from all round the world. They reiterate the sureness of this by giving percentage certainties and stick on an additional bit of information that hurricanes might actually be fewer. Then a chap from that Climate Research Unit in Anglia is shown saying that we can’t link any individual event to anthropogenic activities. Good grief. I’d guess that the BBC will still keep ranting on about climate change for a long time to come. The fun may well be enjoying so many people having to find a convenient out, wriggling out of it or trying to deny how enthusiastic they were at the time.

However, events closer to home have really exposed the BBC and the Scottish press for what they are. Unionists. Not only Unionists but arrogant elitists unable to recognise the legitimate views of the Scottish people. The Scottish MSM – shame on all their houses.

Biased BBC has a very fine article with great quotes which covers the performance of the Scottish BBC in it’s pursuit of it’s own political aims. Quality broadcaster? No. Arrogant propagandists? Yes!

What will BBC Scotland look like post Independence? Out on a limb. Based in Glasgow, left leaning, dubiously funded from a system, which is not sustainable. Not a place to be I’d suggest. Shooglie peg BBC Scotland!


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