100 not out.

21 Nov

This is my 100th blog post. It seems like no time at all since I was writing the first and it’s been a pretty enjoyable few months.

What drove me to starting a blog? That’s easy. Two things really. The first was being arrogant enough to think I could write interesting enough stuff that people would read and then keep coming back for more. The second reason was Global Warming.

I used to pour over quite a few blogs trying to keep up to speed with what was happening in the sceptical AGW camps. I still do to an extent, although I think we are quite a ways down the road for the scam being recognised by enough people to be exposed as a failure. The next step was to  leave comments on those sorts of blogs and then I expanded into more general politics.

There has been such a lot going on. Lots to have opinions about.

I have to once again recognise the patience and support of my wife. The time required to blog isn’t insubstantial and she is supportive of me writing. Also Subrosa has been great and very supportive having published one of my blogs every Wednesday for quite a while now. There have been a couple of times when the reaction to my writings for Subrosa have been subject to a bit of heat under some commenters collars. I never set out to write anything, which might upset people, but it kind of comes with the territory since it’s all about opnion.

There is still much work to be done by bloggers and lots of words to be thrown at pages. I have learnt a lot and I still have a huge amount to learn.

The discipline of writing is difficult to achieve. It’s easy to start articles and then think that’s poor and abandon them. Thankfully, I do that very rarely now, not because the articles I manage to complete are amazingly fantastic. No I complete more of them by at least having a structure and a central topic, which is at least reasonably understandable.

There have been days when a blog item goes ballistic and I get a huge amount of views. Those days are wonderful but they need a reality check as I know the viewing figures will drop off to a much lower level. The overall trend is up which is the aim. I’ve bigger and grander writing plans but I don’t see myself stopping blogging, even if no one reads what I write.

So onwards and upwards for the next hundred articles. I’ve no doubt that the happenings in the world will continue to stimulate lots of debate and discussion of which I hope to take a small part.

Thanks constant reader, for reading my stuff and please keep on doing so and tell me when I get things wrong.


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