Offensing, Pofacing and Levesoning.

01 Dec

Last night Jeremy Clarkson was on the One Show. You’ll have heard all about it. He said some stuff that he is prone to saying and some people have taken offense. I mean they would take offense they have been practicing and encouraging and being encouraged by their friends to take offense.

In fact it may well be the case that Offensing will become an Olympic sport and it will be almost guaranteed that the UK would win Offensing Gold, Silver and Bronze at every Olympic games.

What is offense? It seems to be “taken” when someone says or does something, which does not conform to the moral views of a percentage of our society. Hasn’t it always been so? Well I like to think not. What has happened to people’s sense of humour? Have they had it removed along with their tolerance of other people’s opinions, choices and way of living their lives?

How about we have a bit of libertarianism? How about we “live our lives as we see fit and let others live theirs as they see fit as long as we all don’t impinge too negatively on each others lives”.

We seem to have lost this basic principle. It damages us all that this is the case.

One the One Show last night Jeremy Clarkson, who I like, said a few things, which caused sharp intakes of breath. Well it would do since it was at the BBC. Poor Alex just couldn’t handle it at all. His views were obviously polar opposites of hers. She’s usually not that great but she was really poor last night.

At one point she and Matt, who seemed to be having fun, shock, horror, probe, introduced an item on nature. Jeremy said he wasn’t much interested in the environment. Whilst it was pretty at times he just wasn’t that enamoured about it. I admit I feel the same. I don’t want it to disappear. I enjoy a good view like the next person and sometimes it’s pretty spectacular but I couldn’t see myself working in it. I mean I might get wet or cold or an incontinent animal or bird might present me with something, which shouldn’t be presented outside of a Ladies or a Gents. However, lots of other people like it. Good on them. Lots of other people do other things, which I’m not too keen on and I’m absolutely certain that I do things other people aren’t keen on. either The fact that we are all different is supposed to be strength is it not?

Is individuality being lost also? Are we all going to end up as clones because a vocal and active segment of our society has decided what’s acceptable and what isn’t?

I heard on the radio today that Unison had taken legal advice on Jeremy’s comment about shooting strikers. My wife was on strike but I didn’t immediately ring the BBC to complain about what he said. Nor did I take the advise of various tweeters who provided the telephone number at the BBC and suggested that I call them. Isn’t that incitement?

Another new Olympic sport could be Pofacing. This would require an athlete, who had trained seriously for at least four years to look glum and not laugh at anyone’s jokes. Again the UK would be guaranteed winners of all medals year, after year, after, year.

At sometime or another we don’t like what we hear on TV or radio or read in the papers. So let me deal with newspapers for a moment. A further new Olympic sport could be Levesoning. The sport of Levesoning would only have competitors who were, or considered them selves to be, celebrities. They would be required to whine about the press treatment they had had whilst not mentioning the outrageous and manipulative milking of the press they had taken part in to boost their “celebrity” status. Again the UK would be guaranteed all the medals.

As I was saying, before I rudely interrupted myself, sometimes we hear or see things, which we don’t like. I take offense at the BBC scaring people about Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate disruption etc. They are behaving like activists. The final episode of David Attenborough’s latest jetting around the world programme, which is to go out next week, is blatantly alarmist.

He says Polar Bears are threatened. They aren’t. Their general population has increased in numbers to the point they are becoming more of a threat to humans. He also says that Artic ice has been melting for the past 30 years and this is a very bad thing. Apart from the fact that the changing Artic ice hasn’t been changing because of temperature increase (see the Danish yearly graphs for the last 30 years or so). It’s been down to changing wind patterns etc.  We don’t have enough data to support any kind of view that the Artic is behaving any differently than it has in the past. The planet is billions of years old and people are drawing conclusions about the climate based on 110 year old records which have been manipulated and changed over time?

I won’t be telephoning the BBC to complain because my complaint would be “off message”. It would not fit with the view of that section of our society, which has decreed that the alarmism is right, and anyone who thinks differently is not right in the head.

Maybe the BBC should offer a more balance approach to complaints, one telephone line for those who wish to complain and another for those who wish to register a positive response. Similar in a way to the X factor, Strictly Come Dancing or Big Brother in fact.

I can feel a further new Olympic sport suggestion forming.

I won’t bore you with the details you might take offense at it.


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