28 seconds later…

03 Dec

I’ve previously mentioned that I used to take the Times on a Sunday. How pompous is that. Take the Times. That meant I got out of bed, dressed and walked along to the newsagents, was helped by at least two people on their way to church to pick up a copy of the Sunday Times. I bought the Times, they bought their pan drops which helped them get through the fire and brimstone of a Calvinist Sunday sermon and I went home and read as much of the Times as time would allow.

Moe that’s out of the way i can continue.One of the joys of taking the Times was that they had an offer most weeks to get in free to movies which hadn’t been released yet. My wife and I liked this. It’s since gone behind a pay wall and you have to joins some sort of club which takes away the challenge of getting the free tickets.

Anyway, the films were pretty good for the main and getting in free is always pleasant. We noticed that the people who went to these previews tended to be, shall we say, of an older age group. They would also bring their own food and flasks of beverages which is absolutely fine given the extortion that goes on when you try to buy food or sweets at the cinema. Sometimes they brought their Sunday Times and read those as they waited for the film to start. It was usually a Wednesday or a Thursday night so they were toiling to get through the Times just as I was.

Anyway, we went to see Sunshine the sci-fi film, Benjamin Button amongst others. There was one however, which we didn’t forget. Not because it was excellent, although it was pretty good, oh no. We remembered it as there was a mass exodus not long after the film started. Food was stowed, flasks were closed and seats were left.

28 Weeks later. Zombies. Those of advancing years are not going to have much truck with Zombies. Even if the film is directed by Danny Boyle and has Robert Carlisle as lead actor.

Snow of a dyke. Excellent.

The rage virus in 28 days and then 28 weeks is a great film mechanism. If you get it it turns you into a Zombie with a few minutes. No waiting for days or weeks. It works very quickly so the plot can advance very quickly also.

The film score is very good also.

What fun.

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