Jambonian Rhapsody

10 Dec

The following parody is based on Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

For those of you who are not familiar with Edinburgh let me explain slightly explain the parody. There are two football/soccer clubs in Edinburgh – Heart of Midlothian FC know as Hearts or Jam Tarts who play at a stadium called Tynecastle (it is nowhere near the River Tyne and looks nothing like a Castle. The other team is Hibernian FC known as Hibs or the Hibees who play at a stadium called Easter Road and to be fair it’s at least East depending on where you are of course.

Hearts fans are known as Jambos and Hibs fans are Hibees both of which can be expanded to include the degree of profanity the situation requires.

Lastly people from the north side of Edinburgh are called Leithers as they live in Leith. There is no such airline as Leither Air although I may write a short blog on how it would operate if it in fact did exist.

Jambonian Rhapsody

Wish a wiz dreamin’ am a completely sane?

Stuck in this nightmare, A’m working fur Leither Air

Up in the sky stuck in a humungus plane

Am jist a Steward, a dinnae really care

Cos I jist muck aboot in the plane, have a laugh, have some fun

Laughin wi the punters enjoyin ma wee life yi see.

Now a want ti follow Hearts, it’s a stupit thing tae dae

What will ma Faither say.

Ma Da is a real Hibee

But now A’ve seen the error of his wiys

Ma Da, ah naw. Wull completely lose the place

When A teer up ma Hibees season ticket

He’ll go oan, He’ll go oan as if it really matturs

Meantime back oan this plane

A’ve goat ti sell some gear, ti the punters drinkin beer.

Cum oan every boady gees yur cash

So a can get a rest, get aff ma feet

Gid grief, ah naw, a bairn his jist been sick

I’ll need ti clean it up wi a paper towel

A see a chance of hivin a bit of fun

Whit a blinder, whit a blinder. I’ll say it’s Norovirus.

That’ll keep them quiet very very frightened yi see.

(Feelin sickly.) Feelin sickly. (Feelin sickly.) Feelin sickly. Feeling sickly but no me

Aw naw no me

I’m just a Jambo who used to be a Hibee

Noo he’s a Jambo but his Da’s a Hibee

Gee him a brek fae Hibs monotony

Lit ‘im be a Jambo, wi’ the ither Jambos

Tynecastle! He’ll no be allowed tae go. (Lit mi go)!

Tynecastle! He’ll no be allowed tae go. (Lit mi go)!

Tynecastle! He’ll no be allowed tae go. (Lt mi go)!

No allowed ti go. (Lit mi go)!

No allowed ti go. (Lit me go)!


Naw, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw, naw

Oh Faither dearest, Faither dearest, Faither dearest, lit me go

Sergio has a season ticket put aside fur me, fur me, fur me

Dae yi think you can stoap me bein’ a big Jambo?

Dae yi think Easter Roads is the place a shud go?

Oh nae chance, yi cannae make mi go back there

Jist no gonnie go, jist no gonnie go ever again.

Jambos really matter, they’re whits dear ti me

Jambos really matter

Jambos really matter tae me

Awae, awae the Jambos

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