Anything could happen in the next half hour…

12 Dec

Klaxons sound. Stingray is launched. Things explode in the sea. Huge buildings are brought underground. Jet fighters fly overhead. A submarine, which looks like a giant fish, is destroyed by a torpedo fired by Troy Tempest, the Captain of Stingray, the snazziest submarine EVA!

And so starts another episode of Stingray. There will be destruction. There will be tender moments (only if Troy bumps into Marina who can swim underwater without air tanks) and their sworn enemy, King Titan from the under sea domain of Titanica (who looks a bit like a green version of Laurence Olivia) will try to kill them all. Amazingly during the episode the strings, which control these puppets, will not get tangled and they aren’t that noticeable in the same way that a low flying jet isn’t noisy in the slightest.

The EU has now degenerated into an episode of Stingray, the 1960s supermarionation puppet sci-fi series. The latest – we only have five days to save the Euro – fits with all fictional books, TV series and movies in which the end of the world is just about to happen

This is real though. The scale of the problem is significant. It’s not just one country it’s 17 in the Eurozone, not to mention the 10 others who are EU members but not Eurozone members. The countries are disparate in many ways not least culturally.

The last huge global crisis, which is in the process of slowly dying, is the Global Warming/ climate change saga. We’ve had the 100 months to save the world, which was and maybe even still is popular with Prince Charles. We’ve had the Artic disappearing by 2015 and more tipping points than a very tippy thing. The present status is that there has been no significant warming for more than ten years. Damp squib? Not if your income depends on man made warming to be real. It’s another huge crisis. The end of the world as we know it is nigh. Maybe.

Anther world ending moment was Swine Flu. Headless chickens from WHO, that’s the World Health Organisation not Dr Who although there is a medical sort of link right enough. Aided and abetted by the MSM they suggested that a pandemic was just about to happen and we were all doomed. Again it didn’t happen. Maybe Dr Who is realer than the WHO?

Bird Flu ditto. SARS Ditto. Mad Cow Disease, AIDS, fags, mans beer, food and on and on and on and on and on…zzzzzz.

We’ve also had the Credit Crunch. It just happened. No one was on TV saying it would happen and we should do this or that or the other. None of the bankers, economists and journalists who grace our TVs now, saw it coming although they are experts apparently and continue to tell us what to do.

The next big disaster, which we are causing obviously because we are very, very naughty, is just around the next experts bank account. If it weren’t so serious it would be funny. Life is hard enough without the faky handwringing and disaster movie scenarios, which the MSM, activists and politicians love so much.

The saddest part of all of this is that we also make things wrong that otherwise are right. Things that humanity has discovered and refined which improves peoples lives and in some cases mitigate serious issues. MMR, DDT, lead in petrol, solder that actually works, Decisions to cast doubt or ban these were and still are based on very poor science which has been politicised and hi-jacked for reasons other than benefiting humans.

Millions have died due to mosquito bites. Millions. Many of them were children. Poor science was used to ban DDT. Just lets say for a moment DDT wasn’t good for the environment (bearing in mind that everything is bad for the environment in the wrong quantity). Would more people have died due to its use rather than from it not being used?

We don’t like road deaths. An accident could happen to any one of us. No problem we’ll build better cars, which will withstand larger collisions, be it with another car, lorry, van or sundry piece of the scenery. The EU NCAP vehicle testing regulations were defined to ensure cars were made safer and they were. This is fine so far. We’re all happy with that.

However, there is a slight problem, if they are in a collision with a non-NCAP car, the non-NCAP car will come off worse. The people inside the non-NCAP car will also come off worse. That’s because the NCAP car is much sturdier and heavier.

Additionally an NCAP car has thicker window pillars, which make the vehicle harder to see out of, they use more petrol and they are more expensive to build and repair. Not quite the panacea that the claims of improved safety may have promoted. Lives will be saved without a doubt but there is a compromise there.

If you have a dishwasher, which isn’t able to speak and can walk around on his own feet, you may be aware that things aren’t washed as sparklingly as they used to be. The detergent has been detuned so it doesn’t affect the environment.

In the USA new houses in some states have toilets, which don’t have enough oomph when they are flushed. They are designed to use less water. It’s okay though there is a solution. You just flush twice. Doh!

Then there’s these fabulous new energy saver bulbs. They are really good unless you want light. Light they aren’t so good at. And don’t break one. Oh no. Bad idea.

We desperately need good, honest and clever scientists to wrestle science back from the rogue scientists who have exploited it for their own ends or have politicised their findings.  We need to know what is good and what’s bad. We need to know the compromise required to be able to decide where the negatives perhaps outweigh the benefits, without politicised activist exploitation. We need to have our faith in science restored.


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