AGW – what now?

16 Dec

The delegates left th Cimate Change talks I Durban after having managed to spin the results so it looked like they made progress. They didn’t and they can’t. Mr Huhne the Loon has agreed to fork out £1 Billion a year to those third world countries who are suffering from the effects of climate change. That’s good of him. It is easy to give away money, which isn’t yours, to a cause that sounds worthy, and makes you look good.

AGW is a lost cause. Canada is pulling out of Kyoto. The USA and Japan won’t be signing up to anything. China, India and Russia are using the situation to further their own agenda. If the roles were reversed we’d be doing the same.

The EU is hell bent on going down this AGW route however. Another good reason to get out of the EU perhaps?

Both releases of emails sent between climate “non-scientists” clearly show they are manipulating the data for political purposes and for personal enrichment (of the spendable kind).

If we don’t cap warming below an additional 2C we all fry and the sky will fall in and the oceans will boil and the rivers will dry up and sea level will increase and flood our homes, even the ones high up and our children will choke on the fumes from anything that produces even a hint of anything and so and so forth.

The recent Climategate 2.0 email leaks contained a thread in which some of the leading lights in climate science were discussing this very topic. They didn’t know where this 2C had come from. The best they could offer was that some politician had said it and the press had picked it up. So we are giving £1 billion a year to developing countries on the basis of vague targets with no scientific input.

The games a bogey. Cease and desist. Stop. Get a grip.  The scam is over. Unless of course you are part of the UN, EU, IPCC, a climate scientist or your name is Huhne the Loon. Even good old David Attenborough has fallen for all the tripe. He goes a bit further though, but doesn’t mention it on TV. According to dear, dear David, we need to reduce the size of the global population urgently

Okay. Those people who feel that’s a good idea along with those who think there are too many people on the planet and the planet is suffering take one step forward. Of those. hands up those seriously concerned by this. If your hand is up do step this way. As you feel so strongly about it you may want to set an example. You may want to leave the planet and reduce the burden on it. No? I thought not. No. Population reduction is for other people to do. It’s always other people who suffer. Not those with the apparent righteous aims.

Populations change in a strikingly similar manner. Poor people have more children for a number of reasons. More affluent have less. The more affluent people are, the less children they have until they settle down to a bit under two children per family. The population stabilises, reduces and then we need to be careful because we don’t have enough people to do the things we used to. Scotland is a good example. Immigration is growing our population. The figures say the birth rate is increasing but this is again down to immigrants who are very, very welcome.

What now for AGW? Easy. Slow death replaced with biodiversity. Up in court if you stand on an insect. Increased energy costs which will be invested in schemes to promote biodiversity. Oh goody. Cuddly animals, creepy crawlies and nettles and the like will be saved. Well they might be saved. More likely is that they’ll footer about with one species and cause harm to another one or more. Same old, same old.

I suggest that the “powers that be” sort out us humans first. ALL humans should have  –

  1. Clean fresh water to drink and modern sanitation.
  2. Adequate food so they never go to bed hungry.
  3. An opportunity to do work which is enjoyable and has value.
  4. A salary, which provides a lifestyle, which is comfortable.
  5. Access to life long meaningful education.
  6. A home, which is spacious and comfortable.
  7. Very few laws and regulations to adhere to.
  8. Accountable representatives who follow the wishes of the people they represent.
  9. Freedom of movement, expression and belief.
  10. Respect for all other humans.

Add and subtract as you see fit.

If enough people hope this could be achieved there would be a greater chance of it actually happening.

Time is passing. You can’t create more time. You can better use the time you have as best as you can.


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